When I clean my home, I mainly do it for three reasons. One is that it has become too messy that not decluttering the space will already hurt my productivity. Two is that I want to have my home looking great in case unexpected guests come in through the doors. Finally, I clean the house to follow through a rule that I was taught as a young girl – clean up the house at least three times a month.


Regardless of my reason for cleaning the house, I found that it brings a myriad of benefits not just to the overall aesthetics of the place, but also to my state of mind and productivity. A clean environment encourages me to get more things done, compared with a cluttered home that just contributes to the stress in my head.


Preaching aside, I know that many of you may be thinking, “I’d love to have a clean home too, but where do I find the time to actually do it?” Believe it or not, I have the same dilemma. I spend most of my time at work, and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is to scrub the bathroom tiles or wipe dirty surfaces in the house. But as I have found, maintaining a smooth running home all comes down to the simple things you do daily to keep the house clean.


In this post, I share some of the health benefits of maintaining a pristine home:



Lowered stress

A home that is cluttered with too much stuff like books, kitchen appliances, clothing, and magazines is painful to look at. Aside from the visually distressing view, constant disorganization in the house can contribute to feelings of hopelessness and stress. The clutter around you competes with your attention, making it difficult for you to remain focused in one task. Additionally, too much clutter makes you feel like you are not in control.


On the other hand, a clean home evokes thoughts of a restorative and restful place where you want to spend time in.



Ease allergies

The areas in your home that have upholstery, carpeting, and bedding are magnets for allergens as they hold pet dander, dust mites, and molds that can decrease air quality. When not properly cleaned, these areas can worsen allergies and asthma symptoms.


Regular house cleaning can remove these allergy triggers, and keep your symptoms under control.



Some simple cleaning tips for these areas include:

  • Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean the carpets at least once a week. The HEPA filter is designed to trap even the smallest particles that would otherwise be lurking in the air


  • Getting rid of piles of boxes that hold items such as toys and clothing. Cockroaches and dust mites can easily hide in these boxes without you noticing


  • Using a damp cloth when cleaning to avoid sending allergens into the air



Keeps germs from spreading – Doing a regular cleaning of kitchen surfaces will eliminate dangers to your health.

There are high-touch areas in your home that demand more cleaning compared with minimal-touch surfaces because they harbor a wealth of germs. The kitchen particularly has the most bacteria that live on dish sponges and rags. Some of the kitchen items that need regular cleaning are cutting boards, refrigerator, coffee maker, and kitchen countertops, and sink.



Here are some tips to tackle these touch points:

  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean the kitchen countertop, faucet, and door knobs
  • Soak damp sponges in a mixture of warm water and half a teaspoon of bleach to kill bacteria
  • Use soapy water when washing your kitchen towels, and change the towels a few times a week


Cleaning your home goes a long way in shielding your family from sickness. It will allow you to breathe easier and lessen the stress associated with having a disorganized place.