There are different types of industrial blowers which are mechanical or electro-mechanical that are used to induce the gas flow through different processes such as ducting. Flow is needed for various reasons like aspirating, exhausting, ventilating, cooling, conveying and other processes, and that is why it is vital to use industrial blowers which make everything much easier.

Certain key specifications which one has to keep in mind when looking for an industrial blower are blower type, intended application, follow capacity, port design, dimensions and electrical ratings.


What are the Industrial Blowers Used For?

The industrial blowers are used for cooling electronic enclosures, increasing the airflow of engines, inducing the drafts in boilers and for various other reasons. All types of industrial work, requires the use of industrial blowers and that is why you need to get an industrial blower. The industrial blowers are configured in different designs so as to ensure that they provide optimal flow such as the centrifugal flow style or the rotary love style.

It is motors that normally drive the blowers even though they can be powered by other means like engines. Industrial blowers are used interchangeably with fans. They have a discharge pressure over suction pressure ration of 1.11 and 1.2, whereas fans are below this and compressors are above it. There are some fans makers that refer to the fans as blowers even if they do not meet the ASME distinction that is needed for permanently installed for industrial processes.


Types of Blowers

Besides just the mechanical or electro-mechanical blowers, other blowers include hand held or mobile such as the ones used during autumn for moving fallen leaves.

Centrifugal Blowers

These use high speed blades or impellers to impart the velocity to the air and for other gases. The centrifugal blowers can either be single or multi-stage units. They come in a number of blade orientations such as forward curved, backward curved or radial. The blowers are multi as well variable speed units. It is the electric motors which drive them through a belt and a sheave arrangement. Whereas, others directly coupled to drive motors, the fan speed can be easily changed to vary the flow rates by simply resizing the sheaves or using variable speed drives. However, dampers are much more common these days for adjusting the flow.

Positive Displacement Blowers

These are similar to positive displacement pumps as they use mechanical means to squeeze the fluid and increase the pressure or velocity thereby. The centrifugal designs, impart pressure and velocity to the media by flinging on them outwards with the help of impellers. For the positive displacement blowers, the rotary lobe or the roots are common that uses two counter-rotating lobed rotors which help move the fluid through the blower just like how a gear pump moves viscous liquids or oil.

These are driven using a direct-coupled electric motor, however, it can also be driven by hydraulic motors, gas engines or others.


Industrial Applications

The centrifugal blowers are used routinely for combustion of air supplies, drying and cooling systems, air conveyor systems, fluid bed aerators, dust control and much more. Industrial blowers have made everything so much easier. As for the positive displacement blowers, they are used for pneumatic conveying, sewage aeration, gas boosting, filter flushing, and for moving gases.

The centrifugal blowers have been built as a close-coupled unit which means that the impeller wheel would not be supported by any independent bearings and would be cantilevered on an extension of the motor shaft and would rely on the motor bearings for any support.

The close-coupled unit’s mount dispenses as per the needs of the shaft couplings. Belt drives are also a design which uses cantilever of the wheel off pillow block bearings. The ratio of the blowers is 1:1. The outlet of the centrifugal blower has been arranged normally tangentially to the impeller rotation. It can be specified in 1/8 angular orientation as per the direction of the blower wheel rotation that allows for 16 possible arrangements of rotation, the discharge orientation increments in 45 degrees. As per the industry practices, the impeller rotation has been seen as either CCW or CW for optimal flow throughout the process.


Things to Keep in Mind

Blower Type

As mentioned, the blower type is something which needs to be considered. Both positive displacement and centrifugal provide separate results. Other things which differentiate the blower type are rotary vane, rotary lobe, and roots.


The blades are inclined backward and are forward curved which refers to the centrifugal blowers and relates to the orientation of the blades. The backward inclined blades usually are highly efficient. Whereas, the forward curving blades help move larger amounts of air as compared to the backward inclined blades.

The radial blades also relate to the centrifugal unit which represents simple paddle type construction that has no forward or backward inclinations.  These are self-cleaning and handle dirty media.

Flow Capacity

The flow capacity is something which is important to consider when selecting a blower. The blower capacity is normally rated in terms of cubic feet per minute.

Maximum Operating Pressure

Another important attribute which one needs to consider for an industrial blower is the maximum operating pressure.

Port Design

The inlet and outlet ports have choices such as flange, duct, rectangular and round which is here the blowers are attached to the piping or ductwork.


The blower has various features such as the dampers, diffusers and louvers. These help adjust the blower flow. Other features include the variable speed motors that also help with the blow flow.

Where to find Parts?

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