One thing is clear: if you want to move up the career ladder, you need to be constantly educated. Particularly in the booming industrial sector, there are various opportunities to give your career a boost. In the centre of the training further in the industry stands a training course to the skilled worker. Who brings along the suitable qualification and the professional experience, must decide among the offered training courses between master, technician or Bachelor’s degree.

An emerging and continuing trend is the industrial master metalworker. Above all the practice purchase makes this further training attractive. The course contents impart practice-relevant know-how and thus provide the tools for a management task in an industrial company. Well-trained specialist, methodological and social skills are the basis for successfully and confidently mastering exciting tasks in the profession.

Social competence in particular is very important when it comes to managing employees and teams. Of course, professional competence is also important in order to be able to make correct decisions and successfully complete tasks.

As a master craftsman, not only technical but also business knowledge is important. Number-oriented considerations such as controlling or product calculation make it possible to decide and act cost-efficiently.

The master role in the industry offers a responsible activity with many leeway for decision and many liberties. The operative handling of manufacturing or assembly processes as well as the improvement of internal processes are important and demanding tasks in this profession.

Nothing motivates you more than a work system that meets the demanding requirements of everyday operations. But also successfully implemented improvement measures to increase profitability and efficiency represent results that have far more influence on operational processes than most tasks in industry. The faculty gains more and more popularity in Germany. So-called Industriemeister Metall (IHK)  is more and more often chosen faculty by students and it owes its popularity to its rich academic offer and good career prospects.

Further training to become a metal foreman is possible in various systems. Full-time, part-time or via online programs, the coveted degree can be obtained. Especially the part-time training is to be recommended, because the learning content can be compared with the daily routine in the company and the meaning of the learned is absolutely given. Gathering theoretical knowledge and practical experience at the same time leads to a competence that is important and highly valued in any industrial company.

On the way to the goal two examinations are to be mastered. First, the “interdisciplinary basic qualification” deals with topics such as business administration, law and other general topics. This is followed by the “action-specific qualification” with topics such as technology, organisation and management. The examination is taken before the respective Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Those who pass the examination have a degree that enables them to perform an exciting and varied management task in industry.