Ingramer, The New Instagram Bot: Breakdown and Review

Instagram is becoming the most popular social media application that caters to many kinds of people, including businesses and startups. An Instagram bot is a traditional growth service that automates the interactions on your account which allows you to gain more followers, likes and comments, eventually leading to a greater reach. Your username will pop up on more people’s profiles and you’re likely to have many new people visiting and following your account on a daily basis. This can help you promote yourself (or your website) in an extremely cost and time effective manner.

Accounts that make an effort to create attractive content with appropriate automation targets are able to generate interactions from Instagram bots that are more likely to be considered organic and allow them to reach many new accounts as well. However, some accounts that tend to invest no effort into their posts and are greedy for huge numbers of automated interactions are likely to get flagged by Instagram itself as they are able to detect inorganic or fake viewership. This is why it is very important for your account to have great content alongside of correct automation guidelines to ensure future business growth and success. With unrealistic amounts of automation and a majority of inorganic viewership, you are less likely to gain new followers or increase your viewership at all.

In 2017, it was announced by Instagram that they had shut down multiple badly automated interaction bots in an attempt to reduce the amount of fake activity on the app. Due to this change, many popular Instagram bot applications were deleted and it had become increasingly difficult to find one that is safe and reliable enough to use as an appropriate marketing tool for your account.


Tips on Finding A Safe Instagram Bot

In my personal experience as an active user of Instagram, I have come across multiple different automation bots that I was beyond intrigued to try. To my disappointment, most of these were extremely spammy, unsafe and were highly likely to get my account flagged by Instagram for using fake and inorganic viewership. To find the perfect ingramer – Instagram bot that can help you achieve what you desire while still being realistic, here are a few essential features you will need:

  1. Activity Speed

Instagram has spent years trying to reach where it is today. Therefore, they take the activity that is present on their app at a certain time very seriously. For this reason, Instagram has placed effective restrictions on the amount of follows, likes or comments that a single account can make without being flagged as a spam account.

As normal users who are not aware of such rules, we cannot determine how much activity being generated from our account would be considered safe. While Instagram makes an effort to keep such limits highly confidential, professional bot services are able to create rough estimates that are likely to keep you within the safety net. When using an Instagram bot to generate interactions on your account, you should opt for one that has inbuilt activity speeds that are customized to suit the specifications of your account to keep it safe from Instagram’s strict policies.

  1. Use of VPN Services

The team at Instagram is known to identify spam accounts by tracking IP addresses of a similar set of accounts. If one account on a specific IP address violates their activity limits, they are likely to begin investigating all other accounts also associated with the same IP address. To avoid this inconvenience from occurring, it is essential that your automation bot is able to provide a different IP address for each interaction account that is engaging with your real account. This can only be made possible if your service provider agrees to provide you with a unique VPN with your sign-up, making sure that no other accounts are associated with the same IP address as yours.

  1. Helpful and Committed Customer Service Team

The main reason why this factor is so essential when choosing an Instagram automation software firm is that there is a wide variety of companies present that offer the same service to their clients. Due to this increased competition, the best way to determine which service provider is best for you is by assessing the effectiveness of their customer service helplines. Since this company will have access to a majority of your confidential information, it is very important to make sure that you’ve chosen a safe, reliable and helpful company. Typically, service providers that have been around for a really long time and have a clean slate of records prove to be much better than new startups who have just begun operating in the Instagram automation industry.

The Best Instagram Bot: Ingramer

Scrolling through Instagram pages has become a huge part of the modern-day consumer’s lifestyle, especially when it comes to choosing a brand to purchase from. A majority of consumers are likely to search for a brands Instagram page and assess the amount of engagement they have before continuing to make a purchase or associating themselves with the company. This is why an Instagram Bot is very useful as a marketing tool that promotes future growth.

After testing a variety of Instagram bots, I finally came across Ingramer. The best part about this Instagram bot is that it is incredibly easy to sign up for it and is highly customizable to suit your needs perfectly. The app is designed specifically to enhance the users experience and allow them to build targets for themselves with continued assistance from their professional and experienced team.

Ingramer is the best solution for the growth of your Instagram page as you can easily automate your marketing schemes and watch your page grow organically overtime. With important features such as automated likes and follows, periodic direct messages, scheduled posting and effective comments, this app can help you grow your Instagram page in the correct way without being flagged by Instagram or putting your account at any sort of risk.

My experience with Ingramer had been beyond my expectations as it only took a few minutes to sign up and creating my first promotion was easier than ever. As I signed up with my email, my Instagram account was automatically linked with the app and I was able to customize my daily activity, select a specific audience and create interaction limits that were suitable for my page. Ingramer was then able to take over and I was presented with period analytics to determine the newfound success of my page.