Inspirational Stories Of Powerball Winners!


If you have heard about different lottery curse victims, then you might think that buying a lottery ticket won’t be worth it. You might think to yourself that what is the point of winning a power-ball or a mega million jackpot when there is a risk that your financial situation might get disturbed. Just like there are stories of lottery curse victims, there are also stories about people won the lottery and not just they changed their lives completely, but brought a positive difference in their lives and their communities as well. In this article, you will get to know about some of the inspirational stories of Power-ball winners !

One of the poorest rancher became rich:

Twenty-three-year-old Neal Wanless was going through a rough patch in his life. Poor cowboy was behind on his property taxes and couldn’t make basic repairs around the ranch. He thought of many ways to earn money such as selling scrapped metal for some extra cash. In Toddy County, South Dakota, he was considered as one of the poorest ranchers and this place is known as the least prosperous area in the US. One day, he was visiting the local town and decided to take a risk and spend whatever he had on a power-ball ticket. He spent five dollars on five different plays and selected numbers from his family member’s birth dates.

That risk paid off one day and he won one of the biggest jackpots in the history. After cutting down the taxes, the payment he received was approximately $88.5 million. Neal said that he will continue to work as a rancher, and he also decided to give some money to the people in his community. After winning the lottery and looking at how Neal helped others in the community, the Mayor of the town said that that’s how it works in this town, people help people. Inspirational, isn’t it?

Hard work of a single mother paid off:

When Cynthia’s brother was killed by a drunk driver, she decided to take in his five children and raise them as a single mother. As if this wasn’t enough, she also decided to help her father make ends meet. There was a point in her life where the financial situation was a bit tight. She was living with the children at a thousand-square-foot house and was also having difficulty in paying the monthly bills. She decided to take part in a lottery and was really wishing to win that lottery. Not just any lottery, but a $112 million jackpot. At some point, she got a bit excited to win this lottery because if she did, then all of her problems would go away and it would get easy for her to take good care of those five children.

She used several ways to attract luck like writing the lottery number on a piece of paper and putting it under her pillow, mediating on winning a $112-million-dollar jackpot and visualizing that how is it going to feel once she wins the lottery. Luck somehow got to her. Exactly three years later, she was walking with the exact jackpot she had dreamed of winning.

Cynthia believes that this all happened because of the law of attraction and the amount of prayers she had made to win that prize. Winning the lottery saved her life. Financial situation started to get easy. She even started her own film company in order to pursue her dreams. If you are wondering how she did it, it’s simple. She picked whatever number came to her mind at that moment. She still buys lottery tickets almost every week in the hope of becoming of the rare multiple-jackpot winners.

Jackpot winners honor their parents with a splash park:

One time, John and Linda’s office lottery pool won one of the biggest jackpots. They thought of this before that if they won the lottery, they would do something to honor their parents. As soon as they won, they went to the Green Island Village Hall and asked how they can help the community. They gave them the suggestion of renovating a local park, replacing the old pool with a modern spray park. The spray was one of the best thing in summers, especially for the kids to cool off in the scorching heat. They not only donated the new equipment but also provided everything needed to make that local park into something big.

Not just that, but they also made some positive changes in their lives. John left his job and moved to a beautiful house in Florida with his wife where they could show off Linda’s lovely Disney collection. Although the price after tax was approximately $19 million, they were still able to make themselves comfortable and the people around them happy!

Jackpot winner family helps improve the city:

Pearlie has seven children and raised them to be aware that how important it is to give something to the community and those children grew up to volunteer in different soup kitchens and working in several working community gardens. When the family won the $429 million lottery, it was obvious that almost half of it was going to help the people around them. Though the lottery was split into the eight family members, not all of them decided to quit their jobs. A daughter, for instance, decided that she will continue to work and mentor other women and people around her and also used the cash to help fund the program.

The family also started a program which was known as the Smith Family Foundation to provide funding to people and organizations who were working to make the lives of people around them better. The foundations main priorities were education, Christian education, neighborhood development and also supporting the youth.

School teacher uses the jackpot money to help the children:

Robins was a high school teacher who thought it was a shame that children nowadays don’t grow up doing stuff and activities that he used to do when he was growing up such as going to camp, playing sports or swimming. He decided to buy lottery tickets and eventually he won. With those $111 million, he created his own camp so that, kids nowadays can invest their time in doing activities which are actually fun and healthy, rather than just playing video games all day.

Robin found and bought a land which was 226 acres and built a camp over there which operated for almost a decade. It provided children a place where they could do horse riding, swimming, craft and play on the lake on a very low price. Most important thing is that, children could actually invest their time in exploring nature and do stuff which was going to help them in their lives, rather than just playing video games all day and night. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Lottery winner leaves a legacy of good work behind:

Sheela won the biggest lottery of the year, which was approximately $52 million and in the last years of her life, she gave all the money to people were needy. She thought that she won a lottery for a reason, and that reason was to help others around her. She created a charitable group and also gave money to organizations who were providing food and shelter to people who were needy.

Sheela only had six years to enjoy her lottery before she passed away because of cancer, but the Ryan foundation which she had built, lasted forever. It continues to give money to organizations who were helping people, build many low cost homes for the homeless, provided education to children and helped senior citizens.

Jackpot winner helps people fight the disease that killed her granddaughter:

Paul and Sue had faced a tragedy when they lost their granddaughter to a disease which was incurable and deadly. They bought a lottery ticket the moment their granddaughter passed away so that they can help people who are suffering from this disease. As they say, God works in mysterious ways, five years later, they won the lottery.

Krabbe disease is said to affect one out of one-hundred-thousand new born babies so it doesn’t receive the funding as compared to the other diseases. It’s a terrifying disease as it attacks the lining of the nerves, resulting in death.

Paul and Sue created an organization The Legacy of Angels. The main purpose of this foundation was to increase the awareness regarding Krabbe disease and its causes and also to help fund in research, treatment and cure. Both, Paul and Sue, served as the board of directors to save children who are suffering from this disease and made sure that no one else experiences the pain they have gone through. Heartbreaking, yet an inspirational story!

Lottery winner donates the money to fight diseases that killed his wife:

People who win lottery have several plans in their minds, for instance, buying a new house, quitting their job, travel the whole world or buying a new, expensive car. Tom was a bit different. Tom bought lottery tickets with only one purpose in his mind, that he will donate the money to fight the disease that killed his wife.

When Tom won the $40 million lottery, he donated it to fight the disease that killed his wife. Two years earlier, Tom lost his wife to cancer. He was retired, his kids were old enough to take care of themselves so he decided not keep a single penny to himself. He donated all the money to a cancer charity in Calgray, knowing that the lottery wining wasn’t taxed, and everyone around him supported this idea.

Man used jackpot money to legalize marijuana:

If you won a lottery, what’s the first thing you are going to do? Probably buy a house, a new car, farm house, pay loans? Bob Herb used his money to legalize marijuana. He thought out of the box because he didn’t want to do what everyone else was already doing. Only people like Bob had the audacity to do such stuff rather than fulfilling their basic needs. Weird, right?

Young people becoming rich before they even turn 30:

Believe it or not, there are a lot of young people who have bought lottery tickets and have won. I’m not talking about just a few bucks, I’m talking about a million dollar lottery here! Some of the young kids such as Shane Missler, bought lottery tickets and are millionaires now. They don’t have to do a job or anything else. Work smart, not hard!

A simple trick can make you win the lottery ticket:

Stefan Mandel, a Romanian immigrant, spent years on developing a secret formula which can help him win the lottery tickets. Supposedly, guarantee him that he will, for sure, win the lottery ticket, and guess what? He actually won! Not just one or two, he won fourteen times and that too across four different countries. Genius!

Winning two times in a row:

Bill Morgan, an Australian lottery winner is considered as one of the luckiest person alive on this planet. He won the lottery ticket two times. One was for $250K and he was also broadcast live on National TV. You can visit this site if you want to know more about winning twice in a row.

With that being said, you can see that a lot of lottery winners do good when they receive the money. There is no reason that justifies why jackpot makes you target of a curse, in fact, in some states, you are also able to remain anonymous.

Keep this in mind, while the lottery curse is no good reason to avoid picking up a ticket, the risk of losing money might be for you. Buying lottery tickets should be done just for fun and to have a dream of winning. It should not be used as a serious way to make money or to save some money for your retirement. If you can’t afford to lose money you are spending on your lottery ticket, it is better if you don’t play! Check 파워볼사이트 out if you want to register as a major company on the official Powerball site!