Android4Fun is an online hub that presents APK files for users using Android devices. This website boasts of having all kinds of files of popular and demanding applications available on PlayStore. All these APK files are free to download and comes with a wide range of benefits as well.

Android devices are a top demand among consumers. Nowadays, maximum people carry a mobile phone, and due to its affordable price, android mobile devices are enormous in numbers. This operating system is dominating the market. Android provides various applications and games for its users. It also presents excellent graphics which makes the user addicted to mobile applications. In android devices, individuals can download and install their favorite apps from the PlayStore.

Many applications come as a free product, while some have to be purchased. With the paid applications users can experience better features and benefits as compared to free versions of those applications. But, some users, instead of buying the app, prefer getting it for free. They make use of the APK file to install the paid application. With the help of APK file, a user can get the paid apps free and receive all the benefits. Here, the role of Android4Fun comes into play.


APK Collection

Android4Fun comprises of a vast collection of APK files. The collection of files is divided into two distinct groups:

  • Game applications
  • Other applications apart from games

All individuals can download it free of cost and install it on their mobile phones. Users can use these apps without paying for the paid versions. This is possible with the help of APK files as they allow users to access the full version of an app without any money. Moreover, getting a full version of these apps is not the only advantage. Android4Fun also offers APK files related to a game including multiple cheats present in it. Like for example, players will not have to wait or spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and effort to receive golds, diamonds, or coins for the particular game they play.

These APK files come with cheats like unlimited numbers of coins, rewards, golds, and diamonds. After installing an application, players will get hold of diamonds and golds before starting a game. In comparison to other players or contenders of a game, the player who has installed APK files can enjoy more advantages and benefits. These files help in making a challenge or round less pressurized.

This online portal also offers detailed information and review about every APK file present on it. It also shows information about all the apps. The review part describes the characteristics, features, pros, and cons of all the apps. Furthermore, it also provides guidance related to the usage and installations of APK files. Most users who use this online service for the first time end up making mistakes. With the support of a comprehensive guide provided by the website, users refrain from making any mistake.


About Android4Fun Games and Apps

Android4Fun comes with a very simple to use interface. The home page contains APK files of topmost apps like Snapchat MOD APK, IMVU MOD APK, Mr. Pumpkin 2:Walls of Kowloon MOD APK, ExpressVPN MOD APK, SoundCloud MOD APK, etc. Below that, another list of newly available mod APK files is there which includes KartRider Rush+ MOD APK, Exos Heroes MOD APK, Cluedo, Episode Choose Your Story MOD APK, etc.

At the top right corner, users will find a search bar where he/she can search for their favorite application or game whose APK files they want to download. Besides, that one can search between games and apps would like to install. The gaming list consists of games from all genres like:

  • Simulation

Simulation games supported by Android are dominating the whole gaming world. These games have become popular; they are easy to play, funny, etc. These online games are self comprehending as well. Truck Simulator PRO Europe, Construction Simulator 3, Fictions Choose your emotions, Egg Inc, Lovestruck: Choose Your Romance are some games users will find on this platform.

  • Action

Usually, boys prefer these games. But it’s for every individual who wants to use weapons to fight against the demons. Action game list is neverending, so some of the newest trending ones are Kill Shot Bravo, Beat the Boss 4, Dead Cells, PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist, ZOMBIE SURVIVAL, Sniper Zombies, etc.

  • Adventure

Few craziest android adventure games like KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD, Family Guy the Quest for Stuff, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, GRIS, etc. are available in this site with APK files. Each of these games is special in their manner. Players can live their fantasies by playing these games.

  • Roleplaying

Role-playing games involve players to modify and customize their characters. They enjoy grooming their players in the game. The recent role-playing games with excellent gameplay and features to enter Android4Fun are Exo Heroes, DigimonLinks, ZEZONIA 5, Grim Soul, Eternium, etc.

  • Strategy

Strategy games require the usage of logic, tactics, and ideas to win a challenge. It is more about decision-making and calls for accurate planning. Some popular ones present in this site are Megapolis, Rebel Cops, PewDiePie’s Pixelings Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes, etc.

  • Puzzle

These games are played for time pass and require a simple idea. 2048 is a viral game that gave the puzzle genre immense popularity. More puzzle games like Tropico Blast, Toon Blast, Empires and Puzzles, Snoopy Puzzle Journey are available in Android4fun.

  • Racing

Racing is probably one of the most addictive genres and when it comes to mobile games, from kids to adults everyone loves it. Various racing games present in Android4Fun are KartRider Rush+, Top Drives Car Cards Racing, Pixel Car Racer, Forza Street, etc.

Other than games, a vast range of mobile applications for the Android platform is also available. In today’s world, a smartphone without apps is unimaginable. Various demanding apps like Snapchat, IMVU, Tinder, Fella for Facebook’s APK files are easily accessible in this hub.

Android4Fun has over 50,000 gamers who have installed APK files from this portal where downloading is completely free. This website also gives a direct download link. So, users need not have to waste any time searching for it.