Installing Apps – What Download Managers Are Available For Ubuntu?


Ubuntu is a freely available, complete Linux operating system with professional as well as community support. This system works perfectly for servers as well as desktop needs and includes thousands of essential software including Linux kernel version 4.15, programming languages, email software, web server software, internet access applications, GNOME 3.28, along with many interesting games.

Many people are interested to know what download managers are available for Ubuntu. Well! It supports a long list but below we have highlighted details about a few essential ones:

What download are managers available for Ubuntu?

  1. Wget:

It is a default download manager that comes with Ubuntu and works like a network utility for retrieving files from various websites using FTP and HTTP protocols. This program supports entire web directory mirroring making it more useful for people who have limited access to the internet. Install it using “wget -help”.

  1. Curl:

Curl is known for its versatility, and it extends support to a wide range of protocol. It doesn’t need any user interaction after invoking step that makes it valuable and simple to use. You can install it simply by using “sudo apt-get install curl.”

  1. Axel:

Here is another command similar to wget but the additional advantage of this download manager is that allow multi-thread downloads. It is lightweight, and even beginners find it easier to use. To install axel, run “sudo aptitude install axel.”

  1. D4X:

The term D4X means Downloader for X; it is known as a very powerful download manager that includes an eye-catching graphical interface. The most amazing thing about D4X is that it can use any proxy for downloading. Install it using “sudo aptitude install d4x”.


How to Check website performance:

Developers have designed several tools to track the performance on Ubuntu platform; few of them are listed below:

  • Whois

It can be used to find registration information of website including owner’s contact information and expiration date.

  • Google Analytics Tool:

It can provide detailed insights about traffic performance, the source of traffic, user flow and other relevant details that can be utilized to optimize the website.

  • Majestic Backlinks Service:

This tool can help you to get details about which sites contain backlinks to a particular website.

  • Alexa Web Rank:

Here is another useful service to analyze the number of visitors on any website. This tool can help you to collect instant details about site engagement levels and how long a visitor stays on the page at an average.



And if you are a Mac user, consider Folx as your download manager.


Folx is powerful, fast and user-friendly and it has some features that’ll impress you.

To start with, Folx is not only a download app, but a torrent client too – it can manage regular downloads, torrent files and magnet links easily.


With Folx you can:

– schedule and organize your downloads;

– optimize your bandwidth with SmartSpeed;

– speed up your downloads by splitting them into multiple threads;

– set general and individual download speed limits;

– download videos directly from internet;

– store and manage passwords to your favorite download resources.


Moreover, Folx provides integration with the most popular browsers, iTunes and macOS features like Quick Look.

So, as you can see, Folx is a perfect IDM alternative for Mac.

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