Nowadays people value the quality of client service even more than the actual goods. That is why you also should put the level of your services first. Let’s imagine a potential situation, you came into a cheap shop with excellent goods where all the staff treats you without a single bit of respect. Then you decided to shop at another place where all the goods are the same, though a bit more expensive, but you are treated like you are their favorite client. What would you choose in this situation?

People are much eager to share stories on reviews pages about their negative experience than the positive ones. This way it can be said that your base that consists of satisfied clients is probably your biggest weapon in a war of business. Remember that smart management of this base is crucial for your business thriving. This is exactly what CRM or Customer Relations Management programs were created for – helping you with your client base management.

But how to successfully integrate CRM into your marketing strategy to increase sales? We will now tell you how.

1. Automatization

CRM allows you to bring all your business transactions to one algorithm that all your employees will be using as well. This way not only you will be able to control every step of it yourself – you will have a chance to make a prognosis from what you see. Using CRM will decrease the percentage of mistakes that your employees make as well as time consumption for completing all kinds of tasks.

Using CMR also influences your employees’ productivity. Due to automatized processes, new employees will switch to their full productive mode quicker.

2. Easier management

CRM system allows you to keep all the data about your clients systematized in one place. This also implies having full transactions history for each and every client of yours. The best part is that you can also divide your client database into segments depending on various criteria, such as region, managers, business field etc.

3. Keep the track of the conversation

As it was mentioned before, CRM services allow you to keep all the history of transactions with your client. This way whenever the communication channel he or she chooses – you will always be aware of the whole situation from the beginning. Another good thing about it is that every client of yours gets a personal approach, which will definitely raise their loyalty to your services. And that will eventually pay off in higher sales.

4. Targeting

CRM is a great way to segment your existing client database. For example – there is a huge difference between those clients who are already loyal to your brand and those, who are ‘potentially loyal’. And you sure do not want to waste your time by trying to make loyal those of them, who already are. That would only be a waste of your marketing activities and money. CRM will segment your customers for you. This way you can focus only on those leads, who actually need your attention and might become your future customers and bring up your sales.

5. Cross-selling and up-selling

Using CRM you can get these awesome additional features known as cross-selling and up-selling. Cross-selling means having the customer purchase an additional product while up-selling means making him buy an even more expensive one. Keeping track on the transaction history with the client you will see if the opportunity like this arises. Your CRM manager will adjust your client base so it would fit the parameters you set to it.

6. Communication optimization

To make your sales grow all your employees must work as one big organism. That means that all the communication between them must be optimized. If your workers use different channels for communications, like e-mail, Skype and so on, there is a big chance that the confusion might occur. And that might result in not closing a deal, which is definitely not something that should be on your priority list. CRM allows your employees to communicate within one system with every message being fixated and synchronized.

7. Extensive reports

A successful business cannot exist without every step of their employees’ activity being fixated and lately included into a final report. Usually, workers hate doing that. But with CRM this process goes a lot easier. Now all your managers will receive detailed reports on their activity along with their future tasks. By checking out their performance and company’s in general, you can fix mistakes in your marketing strategy and make your sales grow bigger.

8. Keeping the leads

Leads – are one of the most important things for almost any business activity. Speaking other words – a lead is a potential customer. Keeping track of your leads is one of the most important aspects of working with CRM service. The way that your leads are converting into real customers might show you the effectiveness of your managers’ work and your marketing strategy in general. By creating a whole database of your leads, CRM will allow you to manage them easier and therefore – work with bigger amounts of leads. The more leads you work with – the bigger your sales might become.

9. Get notified

It is literally impossible to keep everything in mind at once and it is only understandable that your managers might forget something and lose a lead or a customer. CRM system will notify you and your employees whenever an important meeting comes up or the deal that has to be closed soon. Anything important is being remembered for you now and you will get notified beforehand.

10. Segment advertising

By using the data that CRM provides to you, you can segment your client base depending on what type of ads you want to send to them. That would significantly save your time and money and actually give quite a boost to your sales. Is will be much easier to send personalized discounts and work with ‘lookalike’ audiences, attracting more potential customers to your business.


Whatever business you own – having a CRM service is ‘a must’ for you, especially if you want your sales to go higher. It will give you the opportunity to optimize the whole process of turning a lead into a loyal customer. In addition, CRM system is your best choice if you want to get a look at your business in complex and analyze its productiveness. Using CRM will save you tons of time and money, so use these tips and grow your business every day!

About the author:

Daniela used to be passionate about writing when she was in college. Now that she is a grown-up she decided to make it more than just her hoppy. Her professional interests lie within IT and marketing field. Currently, she is writer and editor at Top Writers Review.