When you start your own blog, the last thing you want is for your content to be copied or stolen without even mentioning you. If you have created a blog on WordPress, there are a few ways to protect your content. The most common one is to install a plugin. Have never used a plugin? Well, it is an app that helps you add functionality and some new features to your WordPress blog or website.

Most popular copy protection plugin

If you are currently searching for a WordPress plugin that will help you protect your text from being copied, you should definitely check out Invitext. The name of the plugin means invisible text and its main function is to insert invisible links to your blog when someone copies your text. One does not need to go to programming school to start using such apps. As soon as you install the plugin, such rule as visibility: hidden will be applied. However, the links will be invisible only on your blog or website. Once someone copies your text and tries to post it on their website, the link to your blog will become visible.

Is it free?

Yes, Invitext is free.

Is it difficult to set up? 

Installing this plugin will not take you long as everything is very easy. The process of installing Invitext is standard. The procedure is similar to installing other WordPress plugins. All information regarding the installation process can be found in the folder ‘wp-content/plugins’.

Important technical info

As soon as you start installing the plugin, you will see that there are certain fields in which you are supposed to provide various information. For instance, you can specify the number of words after which a link to your blog will be posted in such field as Frequency of occurrence. The minimal number of words is fifty. What is more, there is a field called Additional symbols. Here, you can specify whether you need any symbols to be included in your link.

All in all, Invitext is a useful WordPress plugin that will help you protect your content from being copied and used by other people. The plugin takes only a couple of minutes to install and you will see the results right away. If you are studying programming, computer science or search engine optimization at college or university, creating a blog may be one of the academic tasks given by your teacher. Thus, you need to know what to do to avoid having your content stolen by another student, for instance. Surely, your academy curriculum also presupposes dealing with such assignments as research paper thesis writing or thesis writing in general. In case you need assistance, do not forget about the option of a sample thesis paper buy on orderessay.net that is available all year round. During the course of your education, this resource will really come in handy. Use it to find out what is a thesis paper, as well as to familiarize yourself with all vital information in regards to research paper thesis statement writing. Having such service on hand, dealing with any kind of academic writing task will get much simpler.

Taking everything into consideration, you need a WordPress plugin to make certain your unique content is not being plagiarized. We live in times of information abundance. However, it is rather difficult to come up with a unique article or blog post regarding a serious issue. In case you have valuable information to share and have started your own blog or even created a website, it is advisable to install an Invitext plugin to be sure your content is not illegally used by someone else. This is your intellectual property and you have every right to come up with ways in which you can protect it.