In construction sites, certain types of construction defects are often responsible for injuries. These injuries often take place throughout the planning stage of a construction project, leading to potentially serious injuries to workers and pedestrians.

What Are the Types of Construction Defects?

There are a couple of different types of construction defects that can cause mild to serious injuries in construction sites. Specifically, the different types include obvious or latent construction defects.

While obvious construction defects are usually identified early on, such as inadequate coatings or components that don’t fit, latent defects won’t become apparent until the project is finished.

Latent construction defects can be the most challenging to identify. Oftentimes, construction workers may not revisit construction materials if they appear to function right during initial construction. In some cases, materials such as construction beams may fail to work later due to insufficient durability, despite other aspects such as size and weight providing a match for the project. Some latent defects may develop over a period of time, while others may become apparent through gradual wear. Latent defects often compromise the foundation of the entire structure, and they may not be identifiable until an investigation has taken place.

The Types of Injuries That Can Result from Latent Defects

Many obvious construction defects are identified and addressed before they can develop into a more serious issue. However, latent defects could cause serious structural damage and subsequent injuries in the days, months, or years following the construction project.

For example, a beam featuring inferior construction materials could eventually fall on an individual within the building. Depending on the extent of the defect and its effects on the structural integrity of a building or other project, the results of a collapse could be devastating.

If a person sustains injuries because of a latent defect, it can be difficult to prove who was responsible for the accident. An attorney would need to conduct an investigation of the accident and determine how it took place. The cause of a defect could range from manufacturers producing inferior products to low-quality materials that the contractor purchased. Either the contractor or manufacturer may be responsible in these cases. Occasionally, the property owner may be liable for accidents if they were made aware of a defect at any point and failed to address it.

When Errors Take Place

Defects can cause serious harm to workers and pedestrians alike, but some accidents may also result from an employee’s errors. Errors may take place if employees fail to follow instructions, experience errors in judgment, or neglect to focus on a particular task.

When construction workers are responsible for construction errors, accidents often take place and employees are more likely to sustain injuries before the project is completed. Sometimes, an error may lead to an accident at a later point that harms occupants of the building, making it easy to confuse with a latent defect.

Seeking Compensation for Construction Defects

If a person is injured because of a construction defect or error, it may be possible to recover compensation from responsible parties. Whether the construction company, manufacturer, or an employee is liable, they may need to cover damages such as medical expenses, financial losses, and others.