Is Gambling Addiction a Real Problem?


When checking out different online casinos, we notice “responsible gambling” concept being mentioned on all of them. It’s usually down the bottom of the page.

Responsible gaming, as a concept, encompasses versed policies that websites respect for protecting their players from negative betting behavior. Casinos should provide fun time without luring players into addiction. But this responsible gaming concept also relies on players’ ability to control their habits.

A low minimum deposit casino that offers huge variety of games may make people think there’s no danger. They will only make small deposits for trying new games. But addiction is a real problem. It’s very serious.


How Gambling Addiction Affects Society

First of all, addiction affects players. These are the signs of a problem:

  • Inability to focus on work and important tasks.
  • Can’t stop after losing deposits.
  • Borrowing money so you can continue playing.
  • Lying about this activity.
  • Coming up with excuses that justify it.
  • Feeling like betting is the most important thing on your list of tasks.

But this problem affects society as well. Problem gamblers get in huge debts. A study showed that they incline towards illegal activities, so they can repay those debts and get more money for casino games.


Responsible Gaming Codes of Conduct

For those who are just getting into online gambling, these are the main rules to follow:

Online gaming is not an exclusive source of income Since losses are part of the process, this is not a certain way of making money.
It’s entertainment Use gaming sites for fun. That’s their only purpose.
Don’t let it become a distraction No one should put their work, family, and other important responsibilities second to playing.
Invest what you can afford losing Don’t make huge deposits. Don’t gamble too much. Players should never deposit more than they feel comfortable losing.


Responsible Gaming Events

Licensing authorities and non-governmental organizations often host responsible gaming events. The purpose of these events is increasing awareness about betting addiction and impose strict standards for online casinos.

These events cover a few important aspects that a company must follow to stay responsible:

  • Prevention of underage gaming
  • Responsible, truthful, and ethical marketing
  • Secure games, safe online transactions, and utmost privacy protection
  • Prevention against criminal activities on the user’s side
  • Protection of vulnerable categories of players
  • Support via live chat
  • Information about helpful organizations featured at the website.

List of Helpful Organizations

Do you feel like this habit is gaining control over your normal behavior? Don’t hold back and seek help. There are a few organizations dedicated to helping players control their gambling activities:

  • Gamblers Anonymous – It works on a similar principle to other anonymous fellowships designed for providing support for addictions. If there’s a regional fellowship you can become a part of, it will help a lot.
  • GamCare – This is a UK organization that offers counseling and practical assistance to problem gamblers.
  • Gambling Therapy – Here, you can get therapy for fighting and overcoming addiction.

When players gamble responsibly, they choose one or a few reliable online casinos. They are not frantic about playing, so they stay level-headed. They take their time to read reviews, so they find truly credible sites.

With control over their habits, these gamblers won’t allow gambling to control them. That’s the kind of player you want to be.