If you are planning on getting a funeral souvenir and are considering if it is a good idea or a bad idea then you have come to the right place. This post will help you understand whether getting a funeral souvenir is the right thing to do.


When you get a funeral souvenir for the mourning person, it symbolizes condolence. Funeral souvenirs are appropriate and it is a good idea to consider getting one for the funeral host as they will truly appreciate the effort.

Kind Gesture

Despite what many people might say, a funeral souvenir is a kind gesture which will always be taken as a good symbol by mourners. If you want to show others that you care about them then a funeral souvenir or gift is a great way to show them just that.

Now, it is obviously difficult to know about all of the traditions and customs especially if the funeral is held by someone who is of a different culture of religion. This is why, it is vital for you to gain a bit of an understanding about the traditions as your gesture might be taken in a wrong light if you don’t know about these.

For example, if you were in China and went to a funeral with four flowers then it would be considered as an insult or bad luck to the recipient of the gift. Therefore, ask the people around you the traditions revolving funeral and death so, that you are better prepared, and are able to get a gift which would be truly appreciated by others. You can check out ของที่ระลึกงานศพ to find which type of gifts or souvenirs would be perfect for the funeral or any of the rituals.

Statement of Sympathy

If you are unsure about what to get for the funeral then there is no need to worry as there are plenty of things which are well-suited for the situation. There are different traditions when it comes to mourning, burial and visitation of the individual that has passed away. A gift is a statement of sympathy.

Sending a Funeral Souvenir

Sending a funeral souvenir is more common than you think and it is an appropriate way to express sympathy to clients, colleagues, friends and anyone else. Traditional items are always favored such as assorted chocolates, deserts or fruits. They are ideal as they are both comfort giving and nourishing. Religious scriptures and objects are also considered to be highly regarded.

The truth is that when you attend a funeral, it would be followed by other family gatherings where many visitors would also show their sympathy to the mourning family. In order to play your part as well and show sympathy and condolences, funeral souvenirs are a good idea.


You can even consider sending or bringing food to the funeral as it might be expensive or difficult for the mourning family to host the funeral at the last minute. In some cultures, everyone is expected to play their part and contribute in one or another.

Condolence Baskets

There is also the concept of condolence baskets where visitors would bring along a condolence basket with them. The condolence basket would contain all types of things from foods to personalized gifts/ souvenirs.

There are many services that offer direct delivery of the condolence basket to the home of the mourning family. When someone is mourning, it is common to offer comforting and supporting items. Furthermore, if you cannot attend the memorial service or funeral then you can consider sending a condolence basket or any other item to the home of the mourner to show that you care about them.

Find a Condolence Souvenir

A condolence gift/ souvenir will provide comfort to the entire family and guests that attend the funeral. Express your condolences with the help of souvenirs. There are many items on the website which you can get for the family. All of the items are appropriate for a funeral.

Take It to Their Home

If you missed the funeral or were unsure about fiving the funeral souvenir there then you can consider taking it the person’s home and giving them the gift. Look for a gift that provides comfort beyond the first days and looks past immediate grief.


What Type of Funeral Souvenirs Are Considered to be Appropriate?

Traditional condolence souvenirs are very common among individuals that want to offer something to the family. Here are some good suggestions which are useful.

  1. Send a Flower

One of the simplest gifts which just about anyone can get for the mourning family is a flower. Maybe you could consider sending a flower to the family. It is perfect for the budget conscious and would come in handy if needed. There are many beautiful options when it comes to getting a flower arrangement for the family. You could deliver an obituary about the importance of the flower such as in the case of the flower being a favorite of the person. It all comes down to the smallest differences. Be prepared to talk about losing the person feels like and how much you miss them. In some religions such as Islam, flowers signify beauty and death which is why it would be considered as a symbol of truth.

  1. Donations

There are some families in different cultures where they would ask for donations to support them for meeting the funeral expenses. In such a case, it is considered to be important to donate to the family and there would be no need to get a funeral souvenir. However, if that were not the case then it would be wise to get a funeral souvenir.



If you are thinking about offering a funeral souvenir to the mourning then you should keep in mind that it is always a good idea. Just about everyone that attends the funeral is expected to play their part and show their support for the family.