Are you planning on moving in North Carolina during the current pandemic? Do you want to find out if it is still possible to move? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at whether one can move during the COVID 19. If you have already signed a lease agreement and cannot afford paying rent on two properties, what are your options? The government has urged renters and buyer to not move in order to limit the spread of the virus. However, if the house is vacant, the transaction would still continue. But, it is vital that you follow the guidelines about house removals. Moreover, the Moving season in Raleigh has seen better days.

Our daily life has been interrupted because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is not possible to postpone some things. If you have recently become a homeowner and want to move to your new home or have entered a new lease agreement and are scheduled to move next week, then, you might be able to move to your new home. Moving during the pandemic is certainly not an easy task as it is bound to cause even more challenges. It might be possible for some to delay their moving plans. But, that may not be possible for others.

What Does the Government Permit?

Although both the federal and state governments have discouraged people from moving to their new home, it is still possible to move. The government might not be as keen on wanting people to move, however, since North Carolina has not undergone a complete lockdown such as New York, it is possible for one to move. According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), the moving industry is taking steps for maintaining safe operations to ensure that consumers can relocate to their new homes during the coronavirus outbreak. However, if it is possible, then, it might be best that consider Moving in Summer. Moreover, many banks have already agreed with extended the mortgage dates to help ease the burden on buyers. Thus, buyers no longer have to feel pressured to move to their new home.

Flexible With Moving Dates

Buyers, sellers, and renters should be flexible with moving dates. When agreeing on a moving date, it is crucial for all the parties to understand the current situation and help each other in this time of need. All parties involved are encouraged to try to amicably agree on alternative dates for moving. In times when stay-at-home measures are at their peak, it would be best if each party understood each other and agreed on an alternative date. Being flexible with moving dates will ensure that no party is forced into moving despite the many precautions.

Should You Hire a Moving Company?

The truth is that moving on your own is not an easy task. If your move is inevitable, it might be in your best interests to hire a reputable moving company such as Distinctive Moving and Storage. The company specializes in both local and out of state moves for businesses and individuals. The main goal of Distinctive Moving and Storage is to provide their clients with exceptional service at affordable cost. You are not the only one who is worried about moving while avoiding the highly contagious virus. Furthermore, when you hire a moving company, you hire someone who knows about the present situation and is taking the precautions needed to ensure that clients safely move in to their new home. Besides, it can be impossible to move on your own in North Carolina or any other state for that matter.

Having a reputable company such as Distinctive Moving and Storage boosts your chances of a safe move rather than the opposite. Moreover, the company works to ensure that the move is done in the shortest amount of time possible. Therefore, you get to move to your move in record time so that you can get back to working from home.

If one cannot reschedule their move, the least they can do is speed it up. When you hire a professional moving company like Distinctive Moving and Storage, you hire a company that follows the strict practices for social distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting as established by the CDC. However, the company recommends its customers to reschedule their move if possible. Anyone who is a part of a vulnerable group is advised to reschedule their move until the pandemic is over or a vaccine has been developed.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?

Generally, one needs to find out if they are a part of a vulnerable group and what their risk level is, if they can postpone the move, the importance of the move date, and if they have experienced any symptoms. Moving companies continue to be a viable option. But, one has to reduce their interaction with crews or look for ways in order to avoid them. You should distance yourself from the movers if you are considering hiring a moving company or maybe even leave the house when the movers come over. Typically, customers are required to be present for the move. However, many movers have agreed to ease such a requirement.

Virtual On-Site Estimates

If there is one thing that we have during the pandemic, it is the fact that technology can be used for just about everything, from working at home to ordering food and organizing online meet ups. This is why if you are concerned about having a moving crew member come over to determine to on-site estimate, it might be best to opt for a virtual on-site estimate as it would eliminate face-to-face interactions altogether. We live in the day and age of technology and video calling platforms such as Skype or Zoom can be used for holding the virtual on-site estimate. It will allow you to get an estimate without having to call anyone over.


Moving is difficult, especially during the COVID 19. This post aims to provide you with the information you need if you are considering a move.