The Covid-19 pandemic is something that swept the entire planet, and there are many nations out there who are still dealing with a locked-down economy. One nation where things may be changing very soon is the USA, where former Vice President Joe Biden is now the presumptive President-Elect. His stance has always been that he will force mask mandates and shut down the nation again, like America was dealing with back in March and April, in order to curb the spread of the virus. What this means in a practical sense is that a lot of the supplies you need may no longer be available to use or to sell if you’re a small business, particularly.

For this reason, when it comes to hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers, like DKG Hand Sanitizer, it may be the best place to look. If you run a business and want to keep this sort of product on your shelves, or even if you’re just a regular citizen who knows how scarce this product is going to be, now might be the best time to look to a wholesaler for the purchase of sanitizing products. Here are a few practical reasons why you may want to consider this move.


Reasons to Buy Hand Sanitizer from Wholesalers

You Save a Lot of Money

First up, you’re going to save a lot of money. Imagine this scenario: You use hand sanitizer as an individual to protect against the spread of bacteria, germs and viral agents, but the store shelves are empty. So, you look on popular websites, but they’re charging ten-times the price to gouge you in order to get this basic product. This is when going with a wholesaler will really pay off. Sure, you will be buying a bulk order, but this means that you will have enough to last, and you can provide your loved ones with this potentially life-saving hand sanitizer to save them from going through the same thing.

Woman with a small bottle of hand sanitizer

Covid Isn’t Going Anywhere

It’s just an unfortunate fact of everyday life that the Covid-19 virus is not going anywhere. Most scientists predict that it’s going to come back even stronger, and this will cause a slew of various shut-downs, layoffs, and panicked people rushing to the store shelves to stock up on supplies like hand sanitizer. If you operate a store, you may want to find new hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers who can keep up with the growing demand and deliver high-quality products in a timely fashion. Things are pretty unpredictable out there right now.


Genuine, Working Products

Another reason to check out wholesalers is that their products are genuinely a lot stronger. This is because they don’t deal with companies that create hundreds of beauty and hygiene products and then offer up diluted hand sanitizer options. They deal with the real stuff, the potent sanitizer products that have been proven to kill 99.9% of germs when used. In times like these, knowing that the product is superior is very important.


Faster Shipping

Wholesalers also provide much faster shipping. You have to understand that there is a ton of competition in this business. Especially during times like these, wholesalers are competing hard with one another to see who can get the products to you first. This means that when you order in bulk from a wholesaler, you’re going to be receiving your product shipment a lot sooner than if you were just to order a few bottles off the Internet. Most of these are private sellers who are in no real rush to get the items to you.


More Options

Lastly, you have more options available to you when choosing your hand sanitizing products from a wholesaler. Different scents, different strengths, sizes, and more; these options are made possible only when dealing with a sanitizer-specific wholesaler whose entire MO is dealing with this product. You’re just getting a wider range of options.

Hopefully, we’ll be past this pandemic before much longer, but that doesn’t mean that these sorts of things aren’t always a persistent threat. Having hand sanitizer ready to use is going to help protect you against all sorts of bacterial and viral agents, so it’s an important thing to always have.