Trends show that mobile gaming is not just taking a foothold but threatening to become the single latest medium through which online casinos are played. The mobile phone is an amazing technology that affords players more convenience and freedom to play their favorite online casino games.

Many new online casinos are jumping on the mobile gaming bandwagon. Personal computers and larger screen devices, which online casinos history, are paving the way for a new rival, the mobile device.

There are many reasons and supporting factors why mobile gaming is growing at a phenomenal pace in the online casino industry. Before that aspect is discussed, a brief overview of casinos’ history will have us better appreciate and understand the ‘why.’


Brief History of Casinos

Casinos have evolved over the years with the latest technological innovations. As far back as the Stone Age, gambling was played with crude instruments like stones, sticks, and dice. By the 18th century, casinos were everywhere in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Gambling became a controversial issue in these early years, and many countries alternated from legally allowing it to an outright ban. It is important to note that even with the bans, casinos still thrived.

Towards the 20th century’s tail end, as personal computers grew more affordable, online casinos appeared on the scene. It was made possible to the revolutionary invention of the world wide web led to many early websites of different issues, including online casinos.

The 21st century saw the rise of online casinos and many different inventions that accelerated its growth. One of such was the introduction of mobile games for online casinos. Players could now enjoy playing their favorite online casino games from their phones instead of using personal computers and desktops. It made an already accessible and convenient medium even more accessible and convenient.


Why Are Mobile Games Taking Over Online Casinos?

Mobile games are redefining the online casino gaming experience. If you want to play slot games in the distant past, you had to go to a brick-and-mortar casino or play it on your laptop or desktop. Both are not the most convenient of options, brick and mortar casinos involved you visiting a physical venue which can be far away from your location. Playing on the laptop allowed you to play quickly but carrying a laptop around was not always convenient.

Mobile casino games came to change this. It became very easy to play online casino games from your mobile phones instantly. You could also carry it around everywhere because of its small and light shape. There are tens of thousands of online casino games that can play on mobile devices. Many online casinos have mobile apps to make players’ gaming experience even better.

Other salient reasons why mobile games are taking over online casinos are:

  1. Mobile Casinos Are People Friendly

People love mobile casinos for a variety of reasons. It opens the door for a better online gaming experience and more people to play online casino games. The reality is that there are more people actively using mobile phones than personal computers. Almost everyone who has a personal computer has a mobile phone, but it is not the other way around.  If you interrogate those who have personal computers and ask them for their gaming preference, the majority will pick mobile phones.

Recent trends show that more people are tilting towards mobile games. As demand increases for mobile games, it is only natural for game manufacturers and online casinos to bow to this demand and make a wide range of exciting mobile casino games to appeal to its audience.

  1. More Mobile Casino Games Than Ever

The number of available mobile casino games is higher than at any point in history. This figure is going to keep growing as more mobile casino games are being released daily. Online casino game developers such as Microgaming, QuickSpin, and NetEnt produce more exciting mobile casino games. Some of these mobile games have high bonuses and RTP (return to player) percentages for players.

  1. Accessibility, Convenience, and Speed

Online casinos solved the accessibility problems that land-based casinos couldn’t. Mobile casino games are making casinos even more accessible to everyone. With more people using mobile phones than any other device, mobile casinos’ presence makes it possible for everyone with a smartphone to participate in exciting casino games.

Mobile casino games are also more convenient options. You can play your favorite casino games on your mobile phone anywhere and at any time. You can play in your bed, in the toilet, on the bus, in school, in the office, in the park and everywhere. The lightness and portability of the mobile phone make it an easy travel companion.

Desktops take time to boot before you can launch the game, while mobile phones, on the other hand, are not frequently switched off. Why waste time waiting for your PC to boot when you can play your favorite casino games on your mobile phone?

  1. Better Financial Control

Mobile casinos make depositing and withdrawing money easy through different deposit options. Your deposit and withdrawals will instantly reflect in your account. With your mobile phones, you can better control your finances and monitor your bankroll.

  1. Unlimited and Free Games

There are tons of mobile casino games available in the market, running into tens of thousands. Every day the number of games keeps increasing as game providers pour more games into the market. You can easily make real money with these games.

Also, there are lots of free games available to players. You can play them without registration or depositing money in it. The only drawback of these free games is that you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.



Mobile games are taking over the online casino industry. There are more convenient, accessible, and hot cakes in the market. All serious game manufacturers are producing games that are compatible with mobile devices