Ranking your site on high positions in search engines is one of the key components of successful marketing promotion. Visibility of a page on top positions in search engines attracts loyal customers. U.S. website design and promotion studio will help you attract natural traffic. There are several methods of how to do this.

What we mean by search engine traffic

Search traffic is a term that defines the number of unique users who clicked on a company link in a search engine. A high position in a search engine listing directly affects traffic. The principle is simple: a user is more likely to click on one of the first links he sees than to browse down the page.

Business owners need to make an effort to ensure that the site ranks well. SEO-optimization helps in this – the proper setting of keywords. The ranking is also affected by the quality of the information presented on the page. If the content is uninteresting, poorly structured, then the user is unlikely to want to spend much time on the site or do not follow the link at all.

How to increase search traffic

Each search engine has its own peculiarities of ranking, which should be taken into account. For example, Google’s algorithms differ from those used by the search engine Yahoo. Professionals can use special analytical programs to assess the level of search traffic. These include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SimilarWeb and others.

Experts in search promotion distinguish seven basic strategies to help increase search traffic and raise the site in search engine rankings. We are talking about natural methods, which do not involve paying for advertising, other paid services. Each company can implement them in-house. It is recommended to perform the following actions:

  1. Analyze the meta tags and the header h1 – these components are immediately visible in search engines, and if they are not made correctly or are missing, it will reduce the position in the search engine results. A good solution would be to see how these structures are designed by direct competitors, to make at least as good. It is better to focus on the USP (unique selling proposition) of your product.
  2. Improve the quality of snippets. Snippet – a fragment of source code, a kind of announcement of your page in a search engine, which intrigues the user and encourages linking to the site. It has a strictly limited length, but for all its brevity should be as informative as possible. The snippet contains really useful information that promotes your product. It should be attractive, structured and relevant to the internal content of the page.
  3. Structure the content. Text information motivates the customer to take a targeted action. It should meet his needs, to be clearly structured. A large amount of water (excess text), spam, a misuse of keywords discourages visitors. So it is worth a competent approach to the structure and expertise of the content, clearly draw up TK for a copywriter.
  4. Improve the design. The text on the page can be interesting, but all efforts come to naught if it is not properly designed. People do not like to read a solid “yarn”, which has no paragraphs, the division by subheadings, lists. To increase the attractiveness you can add graphics, interactive elements. Work with designers, so that the page attracted attention.
  5. Saturate the commercial information. The main task of the site – to sell products, services or interest the user to place an order. He will do so only if you get detailed information about the product. Therefore, the page should be a description of the brand, product features, information about shipping and payment methods, contact information, certificates, and more. The more useful information, the better.
  6. Set up linking. Adding links to the structure helps users navigate through the sections of the site. A person doesn’t have to spend a lot of time to find the right product. He wants to make a couple of clicks and find what he is interested in. Therefore it is necessary to think about which blocks will be presented on the site and intelligently set up the linking (transitions) between them.
  7. Saturate with external links. Marketing works in such a way that the user can go to your site not only directly, but also through third-party resources. For this purpose, it is necessary to place links with links to the site on third-party portals. They are commonly referred to as donor sites. The more external links on the sites, the higher the authority of the recipient site. If your page is often referenced by other authoritative portals, then in the eyes of users, it becomes interesting and credible.


Promoting your site in search engines and increase traffic – a complex process that requires taking into account many factors. Need to work through the technical aspects, deal with the structure of the page and the quality of content, to earn a reference mass. In this case, it is important to know the psychology of people to understand what elements will really attract customers, and what is better to abandon.

Effective search promotion depends on the concerted efforts of copywriters, designers, SEO-specialists, product managers and other professionals involved in the development of the site and its content.

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