Issues Caused By Air Dirt Flirters

Furnace filters are important components of any home. They make your interiors comfortable. They purify indoor air. However, malfunctioned furnace filters can make your home uncomfortable.  As an important component of any system, a furnace air filter should work optimally. Dirty furnaces will only drive energy costs up, reduce the efficiency of your furnace, and make your home uncomfortable. The following are the top problems caused by dirty furnace filters.

Heat Exchanger

A clogged furnace can cause severe damage to your heat exchanger. Lack of clean air can trigger excessive warmth or deactivation. Dirty filters can also cause short cycling issues, hence making it impossible for your home to stay warm.

If your filters are clogged, consider replacing them immediately. Otherwise, they might end up damaging your air conditioning unit.

Higher Bills

Furnaces are designed to circulate air with the help of a fan. They’re responsible for maintaining your thermostat’s preset temperature. If it gets clogged, the fan will be forced to work harder to distribute warm air. As such, it will draw more power than required. This will in turn cause a sharp increase in your heating bills.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to continuously inspect and replace dirty filters every three months to minimize energy wastage. 

Poor Air Quality

A dirty filter can’t work efficiently. It won’t block harmful particles from entering your home. And this could negatively impact your family’s health. It can cause allergies and asthma. To improve the quality of air, replace your filters regularly. You may also want to try purchasing a whole-house humidifier. 

Furnace Damage

Dirty filters can cause internal damage to your furnace. Too much dirt can damage important components such as the fan, gas valves, heat exchangers, and pressure switches.

Remember, furnace repairs are expensive. So, be sure to clean your filters often to prevent such costly repairs.


The furnace fan is designed to circulate air throughout your home. But when it becomes dirty, it might not be able to work efficiently. This will result in the formation of cold spots around your house during the winter period. To keep your home comfortable, e sure to replace clogged air filters every 90 days.

Key Takeaway

Furnaces are intended to regulate your home’s temperature to keep it as comfortable as possible. It also distributes warm air through a network of air ducts. To ensure that your indoor air is clean, it’s imperative to continuously change your furnace filters. This will prevent dirt from infiltrating your air supply. Essentially, it’s advisable to replace your filters every 3 months.

The Bottom-Line

Dirty air filters will drive energy bills high. They can also reduce the quality of your indoor air. Dirty filters can also affect the performance of your furnace. That’s why you should clean them. Change them regularly. Remove dust from their surfaces. A dirty filter can damage your furnace. It can cause a lot of discomfort in your home. It will also lead to poor-quality air. The above are the top problems caused by dirty filters.