Keeping Track of Your Portfolio Value with These Tools

The financial market is booming, and new traders and investors are plunging in to try their luck with various assets. However, it is not easy to succeed since the featured assets’ values vary when it comes to volatility and the benefits they bring to consumers. For this reason, ensure you fully understand the asset you want to build your portfolio with before making an investment. Also, find a reliable broker offering adequate trading resources and tools to give you a worthwhile experience and maximize your potential. 

To ensure your trades work out as anticipated, it is crucial to research the financial market for solid trading strategies. Furthermore, track your portfolio’s value to ensure you trade according to plan and increase your chances of earning profits. Do not simply invest in digital assets and sit back without monitoring your activities. Instead, use the tools below to keep track of your portfolio’s value and maximize your chances of earning good profits. 

  • Trading Apps

Various instruments, including stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc., are used to build traders’ portfolios to limit the risks of incurring massive losses. Whereas it is crucial to trade using the best broker featuring your preferred assets, you must also consider trading apps. The best element about trading apps is that you do not need to stick to your trading station the whole day monitoring your portfolio. Instead, install the apps on your mobile device and trade on the go. 

Note that most brokers feature trading apps that you can easily download from Google Play and the App Store using your mobile device. To find such apps, you must thoroughly research the market and compare as many apps as possible in your region, depending on your trading requirements. For instance, UK cryptocurrency traders or investors should find the best cryptocurrency apps in the UK by considering those that feature crypto assets and suit their other needs. The apps should also be hosted by licensed and regulated brokers for increased safety. 

  • Trading Journal

Another way to keep track of your portfolio value is by using a trading journal. You see, traders and investors need solid strategies to manage their positions, and you can only understand your progress using your journal. Write down every move you make so that it will be easier for you to identify the mistakes you make and avoid repeating them. With a journal, you can plan your activities by writing down your budget and ensuring you allocate your funds to your preferred assets accordingly. 

Simply put, your trading journal can include charts of your trades, including entry and exit points. It is an essential tool, especially if you are a newbie, since it helps you account for losses or wins. Remember, honesty is paramount in trading, so you should note every move you make to help you quickly build your skills and become more independent. 

  • Robo Advisors

Robo Advisors offer trading and investment advice to traders and investors with minimal human intervention. This tool displays your investments, making it easier for you to track their performance. Plus, Robo Advisors allows you to see the deposits and withdrawals you have made, thus helping you plan and remain focused on achieving your trading objectives. 

Note that most brokers host Robo Advisors, thus allowing you to access multiple financial services on a single platform. You do not need to seek brokerage and robot platforms separately. Simply identify a broker with this tool to enjoy your experience. 


Final Thoughts

There are numerous portfolio tracking tools, but the above will get you started on a good note in the financial market. The best tool will depend on your skill level and where you are in your investment journey. While the above tools will help you easily manage your portfolio, you must also learn more about the financial asset you trade, whether it’s forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. Furthermore, thoroughly analyse the market you trade to identify the best entry and exit points. Together with the best broker in your region, these tools will maximize your chances of succeeding and earning good profits.