A product label is any item, such as a piece of paper, cloth, metal or plastic film attached to a particular product, on which specific information about the productis written or printed on. In addition to being used as a means of identification in marketing, a product label also helps to promote the product by enhancing its appearance. Therefore, it is important that when designing a product label, certain elements be incorporated into it, as not only do they make for great product labels but also stellar marketing and promotion. Outlined below are key tips which can help you in designing a great product label.


  1. Encourage Readability

A great product label is one that is written or printed legibly for all to see. Potential buyers should be able to read through without having to strain their eyes. Product labels which are not legible enough discourage the buyer from even having a chance to get to know your product. Also, it should be written in the native language of the state/country in which it is to be sold. If the product is produced in France for instance, the product label should not be written in French if it is to be marketed in America.


  1. Maintain Brand Consistency

When designing a product label, ensure that it is consistent with your brand’s overall theme. Your product label should match the theme or color of your website, coupons, flyers or catalogs as well as any other means of customer communication you use. This way, when you have a new product which matches your brand out in the market, customers will know your brand manufactured it even without having to read a word.


  1. Provide Contact Information

A great product label should welcome the feedback from customers, which can help to guide product and markeating decisions in future. By providing customers with your website link imprinted on the label, you can encourage customer feedback as well as drive customers to your online marketing. If you are yet to have a website, an email address or a telephone number can suffice. Just make sure that there is a way by which you can receive feedback on your custom label.

  1. Include Graphics or Decorative Elements

Without any graphics or decorative elements, a custom label can appear basic and discourage buyers from taking a closer look, which is counter-productive to your goal of attracting customers. When designing a product label, a little illustrative or decorative element should be added to it toattract the attention of the buyer. These elements can also aid in explaining to the buyers what they are looking at without them having to read through the prints. Make use of warm, bright colors and avoid abstract or dull colors when designing your product label.



The tips highlighted above are some of the key factors which make for great product labels. You should practice some of them when designing your custom label to help set your product apart from the crowd, and at the same time, attract customers to it. GS-JJ offers uniquely designed and quality custom labels that will enhance your business branding and capture the attention of prospective customers.