Android TV Box is known as Android Television Box which is an Android OS supported device. It let people watch videos or any shows related to their choice with the download of Android applications. You can browse through the internet for Islamic lectures and play it on the Android TV Box easily.


There are other functions which you can also perform on it through the smartphone which you have. It is an innovation for the future world and let you watch or listen to Islamic lecture/naat at any time through streaming. If you are afraid to miss out on the live session, you can also record it on this box to view it later. It let you transform the TV into the smart device with various formats and types of boxes.


There are different Android TV boxes with various prices along with multiple features which you can consider. The setup of the box is on a personal basis so make sure that you do not depend on the manufacturer or the seller to set it up for you when you purchase it. It has a guide for you to keep the configurations easy and once it gets set up, you will surely love the device.



How does it work?

The android box connects to your TV and also to the internet connection. You can connect it to the Ethernet or the internet. The streaming of Islamic videos can be done through various applications which you download on the phone and connect it to the android box. The running of this box depends upon the Wi-Fi which does not challenge the quality of the hardware. If you want to run it through the Ethernet cable, then it will not be that much reliable for you so prefer to connect it through Wi-Fi.


You can download as many applications as you like to keep it performing for you. You can check on the documents, weather and many other items depending upon the installation of the applications. The Android TV box can be used for multiple purposes and not only to watch the Islamic lectures. You can organize your documents on it easily.


Google initiated the operating system of Android for the smartphones. The OS processor of this box can only connect with the Android devices. Similar hardware is used in the manufacturing of this box, so it is easier for you to set it up. It is an open source and free to use the device when you have the connection with Wi-Fi and Android system. You can also input the HDMI cable into the box to connect to the laptop and view the display on the screen of the TV. Also, with the help of mouse and keyboard, the navigations become easier for you to follow with the ability of HDMI capability.



Benefits of Android Television Box

Here are some of the benefits highlighted for you before you decide to purchase the box.


Variety of Solutions

There are a variety of smart solutions with the Android TV box. It helps you watch Islamic videos online, listen to live naat, attend live lectures and much more.  You can have access to the social media platforms unlimited along with accessing the emails. Along with that, the box works perfectly to enhance your knowledge related to your religion. You can make the best use of the functions by connecting it to the internet or the laptop through HDMI cable. It gives you the access to the network easily when you are sitting in your home.


New Experience

The standard box of Android gives you more than you can expect. You can explore a whole new world by it which you could not by just watching TV. When you have access to the unlimited Islamic videos and lectures, you will be glad and also thank technology for building such an amazing device.


Whole Package

The android box is a complete package for someone who is fond of using the internet. It gives you a pleasant experience on hand, and you will be able to use the smartphones on the big screen easily. The Islamic lectures, videos, and naat will be in your house all the time to guide you in the best manner with such ease. You will be directed to your religion through this amazing device with smooth configuration. You can also use it as a family time when everyone sits to listen to the favorite Islamic lecture online for guidance.



Any other boxes in the market can replace the Android TV box easily. Due to its amazing features and compatibility, everyone would want to purchase it. Majority of the people possess android smartphones than the iOS, or in a household full of people, there is one person in the house who would be using Android. You can connect to their phones and play Islamic lectures online with this device. The standard boxes would not perform that well as much as the Android TV box would do for you. It is more than you can imagine and also pays you the complete value of the money. The one-time purchase will be worth when you start using it consistently.


There are no limitations to the Android TV box unless you are someone who is fond of using iOS. The ease of accessing Islamic lectures online gives users a great solution. Most people do not listen to the Islamic lectures because they find it hard to play it on their phones and keep it in their hands.


With the setup of this system, you can work in the house and listen to the naat or lecture anywhere in the house. You do not have to come back to the TV to change the naat or lecture but operate it through the smartphone. There are multiple options for android TV box which are cost and inexpensive at the same time. The difference will be little on the features, but you can decide upon your criteria. If you wish to have smooth access to streaming of Islamic videos and lecture every day, then do not hold back from purchasing the great device.