We all need a break from city life. It would be nice to see something other than buildings and busy people. Picture yourself in a forest… under tall trees, walking along a small path, nothing to disturb you. Can you imagine? Hang one of our beautiful street art photography  photographs in your living room, or a picture of a calming ocean to calm your brain.

Landscape wall art

A landscape painting is really a place on your wall that creates tranquility. You can enjoy beautiful coastal areas as well as beautiful cities. We have a painting of every landscape you enjoy. The big advantage of a landscape painting on your wall is that every landscape contains different colors. This means you can always make a choice that fits in with the style of your interior. Landscape paintings are regularly a variant of a recognizable and everyday view. For example, in our range we have a painting of a tree that you see everyday, but now the leaves contain very bright colours. This keeps this piece of art on your wall always fresh and unique.

Yearning for a bit of summer? Displaying an original landscape painting in inviting tropical tones can instantly knock the chill off a white space. Fine art and photography landscapes offer interesting contrast to wooden walls, too. Try combining your favorite lush landscape paintings with wooden walls and a variety of plants to invoke the earthy powers of nature.

Beach art on the wall 

One of the favorite places of the Dutch is the beach. You can get a breath of fresh air there and enjoy your family and friends. The beach always makes for a fun day out. A painting of the beach makes you think back to all those nice memories and that immediately brings a smile to your face. The beach is a broad concept and different parts of this nature reserve can be seen in our paintings. You can choose from the well-known lighthouse, beach houses, coastal areas, dunes and sailing boats. In addition, the wall art frames from Humiio are also available in different styles, so you can always make a choice.

How high should I hang my framed wall art?

When you have bought a beautiful canvas or photo art in frames, you naturally want it to hang properly so that you and your guests can enjoy it as much as possible. The fact that things often go wrong shows that hanging paintings at the right height is not always easy. People naturally tend to hang a work of art too high.

Hanging the photo art in frames on ‘feeling’

To avoid hanging your painting too high, it is advisable to determine the height in the position you normally take in the room. Imagine you want to hang a huge portrait and design a new kitchen wall art, then sit on the couch and have someone hold the painting in front of the wall. In this way you can easily determine the height ‘by feel’.

Many people assume that the center of the painting should hang at eye level, because this is the most pleasant to look at. This rule of thumb does not always apply in a living room, because the eye level when sitting differs significantly from the eye level when standing. So use your gut feeling and hang the painting a little higher, so that it can be admired from different positions.