Artificial intelligence has blessed the world with a lot of benefits, especially the world of technology which is pretty much a part of everything and anything that humans do. However, like any other thing, AI also has its own set of disadvantages which no one really wants to look at, but they exist and one cannot deny them. For example, why is cyber security such an issue? It is because AI has enabled such mechanisms through which a person doesn’t have to be completely connected in the process of breaching some company’s privacy. Like this, there are a number of other factors that can be identified and talked about when it comes to wrongly using AI. People invent things for their own benefits and for the larger good, but those same inventions can also lead to destructions and the issues with cyber security is a live example of it.

Cyber security is necessary for any business, large or small. Even if you have a start-up in mind, you need to be very clear on the fact that you would have to take care of it and take immediate actions when needed. Who knows, a small start-up would soon transform into a huge business and you would be the CEO of your company. Well, in that case if you wouldn’t know anything about cyber security or your stance on it that would certainly not be an ideal situation. If you can imagine all this and want to avoid that situation by being a fully aware CEO and taking responsibility of technology leadership, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Additionally, those of you who already are in position and are looking for some guidance, you can also use this article as your first step towards this significant issue.

  1. Awareness: the most basic yet the most important point is awareness; but this is not just the awareness of cyber security, it also includes the consequences. If you are the head of a company but you don’t know what exactly you are risking by not having a set of rules and regulations regarding this issue, you can become a target of immense loss. This is why most business suffers. What they think is that since they don’t really have a lot of data or that they are fairly recent to the market, why would anyone do something to them? But the reality is obviously way different from our dreams or what we think should be the case. When it comes to cyber security, anything can happen to anyone. As the CEO of a company you need to be self aware, and completely vigilant about the process. One can only be completely satisfied when they know exactly what is right and wrong. The ability to differentiate is itself a blessing and one should respect that. If you have been one of those bosses who wouldn’t know anything about the security of the data and employees, start your research today by reading case studies and evaluating different cyber security tools. For example : Here’s one of the interesting tools  Reverse Whois API  which cyber security researchers use for investigating & curbing cybercrime.
  2. Spread Awareness: you can imagine if as a CEO you weren’t fully enlightened about the whole issue, most probably your employees aren’t as well. Employees aren’t the one who should be more concerned about cyber security in comparison to the leader. Although, they should still know what the stance of their company on this is and that if an emergency situation comes up, how are they supposed to react or respond? This can only happen when you arrange different awareness sessions for your company employees and make sure that all of them are attending it. Furthermore, what one can do is come up with a plan to handle all IT related work. This will also help in running things more smoothly. For example, having a security check every now and then is necessary with crucial documents. Apart from that, one also needs to be extra careful about the number of people in the company who have access to such data. Minimum number of people who are proficient with their work should only be the ones handling the data so that there are less chances of breaching security. Furthermore, a company can also use several applications which make it easier to have double checks on security with less human intervention. All these are just bits and pieces of what one can do in order to make sure that cyber security is in check. However, one can only do all of this with great leadership and CEOs who take this seriously. As they are the ones liable for their company’s cyber security.
  3. Be the Best CEO: if you are a CEO, you are probably the best for the company and we totally give you credit for that. The only reason why this last point says be the best is in terms of cyber security. You might be doing everything right but if you are not the face of it, people won’t take it seriously. You need to be actively involved in all these awareness sessions so that your employees have it clear in mind that this is significant to you and that they need to work on it seriously. You need to be the security leader and take things in your hand. Additionally, you might not have noticed but cyber security is actually a business driver and so you need to be extremely vigilant throughout in order to make the most out of it.

If you still think that your company needs some very serious changes and that you might need to have a cyber security plan from scratch, you can contact CEO Advisory Services in order to make sure that safety isn’t compromised. At last, we would like to tell you this one thing; it doesn’t really matter which industry are you a part of, or how small or big your company is, everyone has their own share of confidential data and other specific documentations and personal information that shouldn’t be accessible to all through any means. Your security is your responsibility, so own it, in order to save yourself from greater loss!