Learn how to find apprenticeship jobs in the United States

For decades, apprenticeships have been essential for companies to train new talent. More and more industries have such programs, due to the benefits they offer. In countries like the United States, they are the norm to get a good job in the future. Sites like CareerHub are essential in such a search by streamlining the process.

In recent times, apprenticeship programs have undergone many changes. In this way, they have been able to adapt to the new reality and the modern society in which we live. Now it is much easier to enter a program, with good monetary benefits. Similarly, it is important to know the basics about them. Here we will teach you how to find apprenticeship jobs in the United States.

What do the apprenticeships consist of?

Apprenticeships are paid jobs, where companies also take care of the training and qualification of a person. In this way, they can be hired officially at the end of the program. Anyone with a work permit in the United States can enter an apprenticeship. If you are not hired, you gain a recognized qualification that will help you with future employers.

In general, apprenticeship programs have a series of requirements that must be met. Among them, some certain level of education and the work permit. In this way, large companies can recruit people without experience, but with the right knowledge to be trained in a short time. That is, with the skills base necessary to fulfill the job requested.

From the beginning of the apprenticeship program to the end, the apprentice receives practical and theoretical experience. All within the context of the labor area, so that they get used to the world of the industry in question. This helps the apprentice start a professional path, while the company obtains present and future benefits. Therefore, both parties benefit.

In recent years, apprenticeship programs have been evolving. For example, if you search for How to Get a Union Job with Apprenticeship Career Resources, you now have multiple options available. In a matter of minutes, you will find several structured routes to enter the labor market. In addition, these programs have been used as a productivity and mobility tool in the communities.

Through them, it is possible to increase the workforce within a community. With trained people and competitive salaries, which motivates people to continue improving within their respective area. As such, practices continue to offer benefits, society, as an entity will continue to evolve. Different sectors, industries, and occupations will have a better pool of talent.

Main benefits of apprenticeships

Apprenticeship programs are advantageous for all involved. That is, companies and apprentices. However, the benefits of these types of jobs can vary, depending on the industry or company. Some offer better salaries than others do, as do other key factors. Similarly, the main benefits of learning are usually the following.

  • Learners can put into practice the theoretical skills they have learned. This helps improve productivity for employers, who can polish them in their own way.
  • People who enter such programs learn quickly and efficiently. In most cases, they allow companies to offer goods and services more efficiently.
  • Staff morale increases, knowing that they are working for a good goal. By encouraging a competitive salary, with additional benefits, productivity within companies can increase.
  • Apprenticeship programs are proven an excellent method for finding and keeping talent. It even helps to get better-trained personnel than the existing one.
  • Companies can ensure that all employees meet an industry standard. As for the necessary training and the skills, they possess.
  • The US government offers tax credits and special incentives to program participants. As well as companies, that have apprenticeships.
  • Allows the creation of a stable labor relationship from the beginning, through the feeling of belonging. Thanks to this, it increases productivity and communication at work.
  • It is a long-term bet. Apprentices earn a reduced salary, which allows companies to spend less money. However, they last as long as it takes a person to be hired as a certified employee.
  • Apprentices can learn from people with more experience. Not to replace them, but to collaborate with each other.
  • These programs have a high value for the economy. Not only of the company and the industry, but also of the country in general.

Characteristics of learning programs

In the United States, apprenticeship programs admit people as young as 16 years old. However, these should not be receiving a standard full-time education. These programs come with salary and benefits, just like any other worker. However, they are not at the same level. As you progress, the benefits of the program increase.

Depending on the industry and company, the features of an apprenticeship program may vary. However, US law helps all programs have some basic similarities. Both to guarantee the safety of the apprentice, as well as that of the employer. Next, we will tell you about the main characteristics of the learning programs.

  • Transferable skills: Through practical and theoretical education, apprentices gain a set of skills for the job at hand. These will serve to be applied in different areas, within the same industry or company.
  • Competition: From the minute the learning program begins, all participants are in collaboration and competition. They have to work as a team, while looking for ways to stand out from the rest with their skills and knowledge.
  • Knowledge: Refers to all the theoretical information that is required to learn to perform a task. Without the knowledge, it is impossible to enter an apprenticeship program. Not only do you need to know the field, but you also require official certification.

Types of apprenticeships

Today, apprenticeship programs exist in virtually every labor industry. From the most basic to the most complicated. These are not limited to construction or accounting jobs. Therefore, it is becoming easier to find an apprenticeship program in the industry that interests you or best suits your skills. You just have to know where to look for those opportunities.

In the United States and other first world countries, it is very easy to get apprenticeships of the type of your choice. Some programs are more comprehensive than others, due to industry or company size. According to recent studies, the most popular types of learning are the following.

Creative and media

Creative ability allows you to enter different areas of work. There are fashion, graphic, interior or product design agencies. It also refers to floristry and horticulture. Even marketing and advertising fall within this area. Technical and creative skills are essential, to illuminate the world and modern society. In multiple areas, there are many jobs available.

Creative work related to design often requires more than basic creative skills. You should know many technologies, to put into practice your ability to design and produce. For example, digital marketing tools are completely different from those used in interior design. You have to know how to specialize in a particular area, in order to stand out and stand out from the rest.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to mention the media industry. Both printed, television, digital or radio. There are endless opportunities within this industry, since it is constantly evolving. Many of today’s media work in all areas. For that reason, it is necessary to be versatile in the way you work.

In many cases, media industry apprenticeship programs train participants in multiple sectors. From the creative to the most technical. You have to be willing and prepared for any work that is necessary. This will allow you to advance faster by helping you get more job offers. Lucrative economically and educationally.

Commercial, administrative and accounting

Office jobs are often not as attractive as in previous years. However, these offer multiple benefits and the opportunity to advance in a short time. In the commercial, administrative and accounting area, there are many ways to enter the labor market. You just need to get the right apprenticeship program, which suits the skills you have acquired through studies.

Many of these programs start with low salaries. However, by moving fast within a company, you will have a steady job and a competitive salary in no time. In order to progress, it is good to have communication and organization skills. You have to know how to manage databases, work groups or salary masses. The more efficient you are, the more quickly you can stand out above the other candidates.

Construction, agriculture and environment

These apprenticeship programs are less strict than the previous ones. It is much easier to enter, since the requirements are usually lower. They offer the advantage of being able to do manual work and outdoors. In many cases, cooperating with environmental conservation and the protection of natural ecosystems. It also refers to the construction of buildings, houses and much more.

In most cases, you will need technical, scientific and engineering knowledge. It can be basic or advanced. It is very likely that you will have to operate heavy machinery, which usually requires certification for the safety of all workers. These programs open the door for you in multiple industries, since they teach you a wide range of skills.

Engineering, IT and Telecommunications

These three industries work together and are constantly growing. Today, they are one of the main labor sectors and with a great contribution to the economy of the United States. Knowing about software, hardware and programming language is essential for these programs. System security is also an essential part, since companies in different industries require it.

There are many jobs available in these industries. From web design to software and hardware maintenance of electronic equipment. These apprenticeships are open to all citizens with a work permit. They will not only open doors for you in the workplace, but also in the student field. It will be much easier to get admission to a good university after that.

Health, social care, animal care and education

They are apprenticeship programs that always require staff, since they are essential industries. Society cannot function without health, social care and education personnel. Even the care of animals is increasingly requested. They generally require applicants to have basic technical and scientific knowledge. However, some teach it to their apprentices.

Entering the job market in such industries is a good thing, as they are lucrative and stable. Jobs in those areas will always be available. You just have to put in the right effort and acquire the right knowledge. Keep in mind that training and learning programs are only the first step. You also need to do your part as an applicant.

Transport and logistics

It refers to two industries that go hand in hand, in their training and evolution. Through participating in transportation programs, you must learn about logistics and vice versa. From distribution to the management of the means and routes of transport. It can refer to land, sea and air. Each of them is different, both in the requirements and in the benefits that they can offer.

It is essential to try to specialize in a particular area of ​​the said industry, since it is almost impossible to cover everything. The ideal is to start in the one that best suits the knowledge you have. Although, you can also put the effort to learn the one you prefer or is better paid in the present and future. Depending on your credentials and results, you can land a good job in no time.


Many of the industries mentioned above tend to be involved in the sports area. Especially, because of the logistics and analytics that are implemented today in the sports world. Sports like football, baseball, and basketball do. Even some more specialized ones such as Formula 1 and Nascar. It is a lucrative world, with many opportunities to advance and evolve as a professional.

It is not necessary to start in the sport of your choice. There are many cases of people who have worked in different areas, fields or sports. It is all about delivering good performance.

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