You have probably noticed that crossroads and corner shops are always crowded and of course they should have better sales figures. So, when we talk about increasing the sales of a site, it means:
At first glance, we should draw users to them.

  • Show them our products and services.
  • Use different tactics to encourage them to buy the product.

Now if you consider the same example of the lead shop. Naturally, its location is better than other stores. Do you think other shops in the same order should leave their business ?!
No! Although this group is not in an ideal position, they have other tactics at their disposal that include marketing techniques and lead customers to buy the product. For example, you may enter a lead shop as a customer, but if you are not satisfied with their product or do not have options such as discounts for you, you will undoubtedly go to the next shops to get the best product through the best possible purchase. bring.
Now, in order to show you the increase in site sales in a more tangible way, we have divided it into three stages:

  • We try to reach a better position (SEO and site optimization)
  • We try to introduce the product better to them. (Paid advertising, Buy High Converting Traffic)
  • We try to be better than our competitors (advertising and internet marketing)
  • Each of these collections has a broad discussion that includes many sub-categories, and success in this area depends on all of them. Now, one by one, we will introduce the role of each of them in increasing the site’s sales, and in addition, we will introduce our service, i.e., the SEO center.

Technical Solutions to Increase Site Sales

According to the previous paragraphs, we must first try to look our best. This means putting our online store or website in the best position to attract users, or so-called targeted organic traffic. So, in the first place we have to modify the items related to the store itself or our site, which is known as SEO:

SEO and site optimization

SEO means optimizing the website according to the standard of search engines in order to get a better ranking in search engine results. According to Google, nearly 60% of users click on only the first 3 results for each search. This means that in order to increase the sales of our site, we must try to reach one of these three ranks, which is naturally hard work and requires a lot of technical work. The discussion of SEO and website optimization is very broad, which we discussed in the previous articles.

But if we want to summarize this field in a few cases, it includes the following:

  • Writing attractive content for users and according to the standard of search engines
  • Considering technical issues to improve the site in terms of loading speed and graphic design
  • Use internal linking and external linking to keep search engines satisfied
  • Attracting users and visitors through social networks and forums
  • Using targeted keywords according to users’ search
  • Using attractive images and multimedia to attract users
  • Improving the technical structure of the site as SEO technical

usually, the number of people who It is very rare for me to master all these things. But do not worry and we in the SEO Center group as one of the most professional and experienced groups of SEO services and site optimization are with you to solve your potential problems in this direction and increase site sales.

Improve Site Design

One of the most important factors in increasing the sales of various businesses is the design and attractiveness of the store structure.  which are at the best possible level in terms of graphic design and beauty. It is natural that the discussion of selling internet businesses is not separate from this issue and as a type of business, it should still be able to keep the eyes of the visitor staring. Of course, the discussion of site design is not only related to the issue of beauty and considering ux design or user experience design and ease of reaching the shopping page is also of particular importance. We must also accept that sites must be fast enough that the user does not have to wait long for their pages to load.

In discussing site design and its role in increasing site sales, try to consider the following:

  • Define creative and attractive design for different sections and especially the landing page
  • Crowded graphic design with moving images minimizes site loading speed.
  • Be simple and creative to make it easier for the user to interact with your site
  • Number of registration steps Minimize the name as well as the number of steps of selling the product so that the user does not have much trouble.
    If you search the internet right now, there are probably several store templates that you can get at a minimal price. But to have a store site, you need to consider a special design that users can interact with well. This is one of the things we do in the SEO Center group for our contacts and the design for each site is customized and targeted according to their plans.

Money Or Payment Solutions to Increase Site Traffic

If you have done the previous steps and ranked your site in the search engine results well, it is like moving your store to a good and busy neighborhood. Now, in order to increase the sales of your site, you must be able to compete with your side shops and in fact be able to show your products to customers.
From now on, you will have to pay to be seen more on social traffic to your website and networks or even in search engines and Google. For this reason, we have named these methods payment methods and we will discuss them later.