A lot of people lose their money betting on football, because they don’t realize the importance of a fundamental football betting strategy. Most of the gamblers think that their knowledge about the football game and teams is enough to win bets, but it isn’t true. The expertise in the game certainly plays an important role in football betting, but the expertise can be useless if you don’t know how to use it effectively.

If you want to take football betting more seriously and make a huge and consistent profit from football betting, you have to follow an effective football betting strategy. The worst mistake you can make as a punter is to start football betting without a fundamental betting strategy and basic knowledge of the game. Successful gamblers not only understand sports betting, but also use a variety of betting strategies to improve their betting style.

How to adopt a betting strategy

A betting strategy is a systematic approach of gambling, to produce maximum profit. Most of the football betting strategies are based on statistical analysis of the game. Every gambler has a different betting strategy, which he uses for betting. These football betting strategies allow gamblers to get the best possible return on their investments.

  • Complete comprehensive research about all available football betting strategies. Try to gather more statistical data about these existing football betting strategies and systems. This research will make the base for your betting strategy.
  • Complete some online research from qualified football betting websites such as Whatacca.com and BParlay.com often these types of experts offer their advice and tips for free.
  • First observe different football betting systems existing in the market. Lookout for the latest trends in the gambling market, and gather some facts and solid data related to these available betting systems. This can be your first practical step for developing a particular football betting strategy.
  • Look out for all different factors and variables, which can affect the game, for example, a small football pitch makes it easier for teams to concede corners, so you can bet on numbers of corners in the game. Identify the best betting strategy that fits into your budget and allows you to manage the risk involved in the betting.
  • Once you select a football betting strategy, you need to test it in a real game. You can test your strategy by placing small stake bets. The outcome of your bet will let you know how successful your betting strategy is.
  • The most important thing to remember is that no two punters are equal when it comes to betting, and a betting strategy that works for one punter does not necessarily work for others. So you can always tweak a betting strategy to your own preference and football betting plan.

Sports betting can be more complex as compared to other types of betting, but most people like to bet on their favorite sports. Using the right betting strategy allows you to minimize the risk involved in betting and maximize the return on your investment.

After thorough research on the football betting system, we have chosen top five most effective football betting strategy to help you turn your investment into a profit.


A closer look at Football betting strategies

  • Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is one of the easiest ways to make money on football betting. This betting strategy allows you to place a bet on all possible results of the match. The arbitrage betting strategy gives you a guaranteed profit when you place a bet on a football match. Different bookmakers offer different odds for the same event, which allows a gambler to use arbitrage betting strategy.

To use the arbitrage betting strategy, you need to sign up with various bookmakers and betting exchanges, and find the difference between the odds provided by these bookmakers for a particular match. If one site is offering more favorable odds for one result than another, place the bet on that site, and place the bet on the opposite result with another bookmaker. One bet will win and the other will lose, but the odds difference will allow you to walk away with a profit.

To understand the Arbitrage betting strategy more, it’s best to consider a simple example.  Let’s say we have a premier league match between Arsenal and Liverpool, and you decide to use Arbitrage betting strategy. You will have to find three bookmakers to bet on three possible outcomes (Win, Draw or Loss).

  Liverpool Win Draw Arsenal Win
Bookmaker A 1.80 3.25 3.70
Bookmaker B 2.30 4.60 3.10
Bookmaker C 2.60 3.80 3.25
Total Arbitrage      

Let’s say you place a bet with Bookmaker A on Arsenal’s win for 3.70 odds, you also place a bet with Bookmaker Con Liverpool’s win for 2.60 odds, and you place a third bet with Bookmaker B on draw match with 4.60 odds. By betting on all possible results on the match with different bookmakers, you can earn a13% profit on your investment. Let’s calculate your stakes for each bookmakers to win a total of £500. We recommend you do some research with resources such that offer Football24-7 scores and news concerning the teams you are betting on.


  Odds Stake Winning Potential
Liverpool Win 2.60 192 499.2
Draw 4.60 108 496.9
Arsenal Win 3.70 133 495
Total   433  

As you can see in the example, by using an arbitrage betting strategy you can easily earn a minimum of £60 profit by spending a total £433 on all three bets.