You bought a new drone. Congratulations! Now what?

Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist looking for some excitement or a professional photographer who needs to take his business up a notch. it is imperative you learn how to fly a drone the correct way.

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So without further or do let’s get into it, shall we?


Drones Terminologies

Reading the user manual that comes with the drone is not enough. if you want to fly your drone like an expert, You have to learn and understand a few terminologies.

There are a couple of general terms that you ought to know about when learning how to fly a drone. These include:

  • First person view (FPV): You as a pilot can see your drone through the camera.
  • Line of site: This is the direct visualization of your drone while you are flying it.


Drone Controls

it is imperative that you understand the following controls:

Aileron: Same as the right stick

Rudder: it Controls the yaw which is also the left stick

Elevator: Same as right stick moving forward and backward.

Roll: This is to roll the drone right or left by using the right stick on the controller.

Pitch: This is the tilting of the drone by pushing the right stick forward or backward.

Yaw: This is the rotation of the drone to right or left direction by moving the left key towards left or right. This helps in changing the direction of your drone.

Throttle: to make your drone to go lower or higher than its current position, use the left key to engage and disengage by pushing the key forward and backward.

Trim: This refers to using the buttons on the controller to readjust the above-mentioned features in case you want to adjust the balance of the drone.


Flying Modes

In general the various modes in which your drone can fly include:

Manual: adjusting all the positions of the drone manually.

Altitude or Auto level: in this mode when the stick is released to its neutral position, the drone levels by itself.

GPS hold: in this mode, the drone will come back to its original position when the stick is released.


Mastering the Controls

You need to master the controls before taking your drone outside to fly for recreational purposes. Just like learning how to ride a bike, learning to fly a drone may appear to be difficult in the beginning but eventually, you will get the hang of it. You can find the best drones for beginners here


Using the Remote Control

The remote control or transmitter lets you control your drone and fly it in the way you want it to.

Be that as it may before you endeavor to make a full-fledged flight you should first adjust the controls so that the drone stays balanced. if you try to lift the drone for the first time, you will notice that the drone tilts in one direction and also moves in that direction. This is because the balance is off and you need to adjust the roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle appropriately so that while lifting up the drone maintains an even position from the ground.

In essence, learning how to fly a drone is a lot of fun, but there are terms, laws, and maneuvers you must master before you risk crashing your drone, or worse, causing bodily harm.