Working in a law firm, it’s imperative to have a system to keep everything in order. After all, you’re dealing with cases, documents, clients, staff, etc. It’s important to be prepared for any situation which may arise and to keep your job in check. Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned professional, these tips will help you stay prepared. We’ve listed the basics and included a new innovative legal document software. All of these must-haves will make your daily work much easier.

So here’s our list of must-haves for every legal professional’s office:


The Basics

These must-haves might seem obvious but it’s important to make sure you have all basic supplies readily available in your office. Make a list to double-check you have everything. Items such as legal notepads, plenty of blue or black pens, mailing supplies, files and organizers, basic desk supplies, calendar for clients to stay organized and legal document software. Just like a plumber enters a job with all the tools in their toolkit, think of having your office equipped with potential supplies is a lawyer’s toolkit — and you’re ready to handle any task!

Again, it sounds obvious but it’s important. We recommend making a checklist of all the items you use daily, monthly, yearly and regularly ensure all of these items are freshly stocked every week to set yourself up for success.


Filing System

Filing might not be the most exciting topic but it’s essential for every legal professional. Keeping documents organized is necessary since legal professionals handle important contracts and forms. You cannot rely on having documents all over your desk; it’s important to develop a system that makes your job run efficiently. 

To be more equipped, uploading your docs into a legal document software for backup is a great way to ensure they’re saved onto a program but are easily accessible. 


Legal Document software

Did you know you can buy software to help proofread documents? Imagine how much time you’d save with that efficiency! If you’ve already known the importance of a solid filing system for documents, but what about double-checking your documents? While many legal offices will have paralegals or assistants to help with these tasks, software like Loio is perfect for situations in a pinch or if you want to be extra thorough. Either way, legal document software like Loio is a must-have for every legal office.

It’s important to make your legal office your own but it’s also imperative to set your day up for success. That requires having the necessary tools, filing system and legal document software to stay prepared for any unanticipated issues.