The COVID-19 epidemic has changed our lives. It influenced the consciousness of people and created new realities to which we all have to adapt. The changes have affected everything to which we are so accustomed. Some areas (for example, tourism) are suffering losses, while others, on the contrary, are experiencing an upsurge. Such as the entertainment industry. And now we are not talking about mass and cultural events, but about gambling and virtual gambling. The lockdown has forced millions of people to spend much more time in their homes. Hungry for entertainment, they turned to the Internet. A significant percentage of them decided to try online gambling for the first time, which led to a massive influx of new players to online casinos and other gambling platforms. Players from a country where gambling is illegal were also part of this increase. Restricted by the laws of their countries, they had to use other methods of accessing online casinos, such as a VPN non gamstop casinos.

The Main Pros of Online Gambling

Online gambling is one of the most popular industries! It offers not only entertainment but other useful benefits as well. Online gaming platforms are much more convenient than offline and land-based platforms. There are thousands of feature benefits that make online gaming platforms so much better than offline ones. A multiplayer mode, a huge variety of games, and many others make it stand out from other offline casinos. What’s more, you are allowed to navigate through a variety of payment methods. Gambling is one of the more convenient activities, as other hobbies require a lot of resources. However, the pandemic and lockdown have made their own adjustments. Operators have chances to expand their audience and enter new markets. Tighter regulation and more competition will contribute to a more dynamic growth in the gambling market, which will move towards responsible gaming and consumer protection. However, let’s talk about everything in order.

Complexity as the Main Engine of Gambling Development

The iGaming sector in different countries is gaining more and more momentum every year. It attracts both potential participants and regulatory agencies that want to strengthen control over the market and increase revenues from this direction to the state treasury. In connection with such trends, operators will have to face new challenges:

  • Many jurisdictions regularly amend the legislation governing the rules and conditions for gambling operators. In 2020, most jurisdictions moved towards tightening, which was justified by the growth of the gambling sector amid the pandemic. For example, in Spain, the government allowed gambling services advertising only from 1:00 to 5:00. In the UK, players can’t use credit funds for gambling. New gambling legislation was also adopted in Curacao, and it will enter into force in the first half of 2021 and will most likely prohibit operators from serving users living in countries where online gambling is prohibited;
  • Limits on player deposits. As part of measures aimed at combating gambling addiction during the quarantine period, the governments of many countries have limited the daily and monthly limits on player spending. For example, in Finland and Belgium, players can spend up to 500 euros per day and up to 2000 euros per month. The UK also proposes to limit daily deposit limits to 50 euros. It is difficult to predict when regulators will lift such restrictions. At best, this will happen in the second half of 2021;
  • Big competition. According to the forecast of Juniper Research, in 2021, gambling will attract more than $ 1 trillion for the first time. Given these prospects, more and more operators are appearing on the market offering online gambling. In an increasingly competitive environment, the industry will need to invest more in marketing and growth to maintain its leadership position and attract new users triumph casino bonus.

Gambling Craft is confident that these difficulties will open up new opportunities for online gambling representatives. Despite tightening licensing, most legislators are keen to legalize online gambling to boost coffers.

Why are virtual gambling clubs especially popular now?

There are many reasons for the prosperity of the gambling business in 2020 – 2021. They are both emotional and financial. And for many, both factors are decisive.

  • Limited access to our usual entertainment is the main reason for the increased demand for slot machines. Today we cannot freely visit cinemas, concerts, favorite bars, and restaurants. There are fewer sources of positive emotions and joy and more and more depressing information about the situation in the world. Entertainment is important. They allow you to rest, escape from everyday worries and negative thoughts. Online casinos become real salvation and outlet;
  • The second reason for the increased demand for virtual gambling clubs is the economic decline and job loss. For most people, their incomes have dropped significantly. And many have lost them completely. Thanks to playing in online casinos, you can reach a good level of earnings and make gambling a source of stable income;
  • People have more free time, and since today most of the issues are solved online (work, study, meeting with friends), you can try to discover something new. Online gambling is one of the unusual for many pastime options.

So, you can relax and still earn money without getting up from your chair, without putting yourself at risk of contracting coronavirus.

To Sum It Up

As you can see, the active development of gambling during a pandemic is due to many factors. But whatever the reason, it is vital to understand that playing at an online casino can be a source of positive emotions and good income only by responsible gambling. Be mindful gamblers. Try not to be led by your emotions, assess the situation soberly, but do not forget to take risks, and then your experience of playing in a virtual gambling club will be positive.