Mafia City H5 – Why should I invest? Investment Guide

This Investment Guide will tell you which investments you should work on for your main account. If you want to know which properties you should invest in on your farms then you should check out my Farming Guide.

The investments currently have 7 categories – Resources, Criminal Enterprises, Advance Arms, Crew Capability, Turf Defence, Equipment & Mercenary. Let’s take a look at them one by one:




On your main account, you shouldn’t be investing in these investments a lot. Just select one resource (preferably cash or cargo since they’re easy to max out) that you will be robbing during the robbing event & max the robbing speed of that resource out. This will allow you to get an edge in the robbing event. Also, you’d wanna invest in Gold Processing to increase the gold robbing speed. This will allow you to rob gold faster. You will need to rob gold one day before the robbing event starts if you really wanna win it. Also, Stockpiling is another investment to max out on your main account so that a little more of your resources stay protected.

Criminal Enterprises:

Transporter 1: This one is a must to get especially if you have a lot of farms. It increases the amount of resources you get per hit from farms. Apart from that it also will reduce the minimum number of troops you need to send to completely rob resource tiles which will reduce the number of troops you lose in case you get tile hit.

Crime Ops Acceleration 1: Invest in this only if you hit street forces daily


Physical Training 1: This is good to invest in if you hit street forces and do the events since most of the events consume stamina.


Constructional Engineering 1: This is one of the most important investments (and my personal favorite) if you wanna grow fast in the game. Make sure you invest in this whenever you get a chance. Remember, construction engineering 1 increases construction speed by 12% and Construction engineering 2 increases construction speed by 18%. That’s a 30% increase in construction speed if you have them both maxed out. Maxing them out can save you days of speed ups. However, if you don’t have a lot of farms & you cannot always be ready with resources for the next construction, then don’t invest in this property.

Hospital Expansion 1: This is another important one. Try to max this out whenever you can. It increases hospital capacity so it will reduce the number of deaths if your turf gets hit or if you get tile hit.

Medical Training 1: Investing in this property will save you a lot of healing speed ups. It is a must to max out especially if you hit a lot of tiles during kill events and stay unbubbled a lot.

Expense Reduction 1: Not very important. It only reduces upkeep by 10% which isn’t a lot. It’s better to store all your cash on your farms and then get it on your main whenever you need it if you have a high upkeep.

The remaining investments in criminal enterprises are advanced versions of the above investments. They cost way more so you should get them only if you think their cost if justified. On my main account I’m currently focusing on Constructional Engineering 2 since I want to get that Mansion 30 as soon as possible. Once I get Mansion 30, I’ll work on Hospital Expansion 2 & Medical Training 2 (And maybe transporter 2 if I have the time and resources).


Advance Arms:

The properties in this category give you some insane training speed ups. Maxing out the basic bulker / shooter / vehicle / biker training speed can increase their training speed upto 80%. This is something that you would want to max out at least for your bulkers since these are the troops that die the most during battle so you want to be training more of these troops. T7 bulkers are the only meat-shield before you get T10 bulkers. So you would want to take advantage of the training speed bonus to train as many of them as you can.

Recruitment Mobilization isn’t very important to invest in if you can train more than 10 hours of troops at a time.

Superior Crime Ops Acceleration is a good property to invest in to increase your march speed during which will help a lot if you’re tile hitting during kill events. However, if you don’t attack a lot during kill events. Then you can ignore this investment.

Proficient Recruiter Increase troop training speed & you should max this out if you can especially if you like keeping a lot of troops in your turf.

War Maniac increases your crew attack. This is a very good property to invest in since it increases the attack of all crews by 1% regardless of their type. However it is a bit pricey (requires over 1M metal per level).

War Raid – You should invest in this property only if you have a high clan hall level and you start raids for your clan. Otherwise there is no point in spending resources on this property.

While investing in the troop training speed, you would want to consider how your skill points are invested (if they are invested in attack or if you were to invest them all in attack) & invest in  the troop training speed of the troops you focus more on.


Crew Capability:

Even if you’re focused on growth right now. There will be a point in time when you will have to switch your focus to battle. So, almost all the investments in this category are crucial especially if you attack a lot during kill events. Try to max out the ones that give you attack, defence & health buffs whenever you can. Apart from those, there are a few other properties in this category that give you different buffs.

Recruitment: This increases your training speed. You should be investing in this if training a lot of troops is your main focus.

Crime Ops Acceleration: You should invest in this property only if you’re hitting tiles during kill events so that you can march faster.

Crime Ops Crew: One of the most important properties. Get this whenever it becomes available. It will increase the maximum number of marches that you can have at a time.

Leadership: This property increases the maximum number of troops you can send per march. It is a must to max this out if you want to increase the probability of you winning battles & reduce the number of troops you lose during battles.


Turf Defence:

You don’t want to be focusing on wall reinforcement on your main account (that’s something you should invest in on your farms). Also, you the defense weapon properties are not really worth investing in since they hardly do any damage during battles. The properties that you should be investing in in this category are:

Ammo Re-supply: This increases the Defender’s attack. It is great to have this maxed to increase the attack of your defending crews.

Armed Wall: This increases the Defender’s defence. This should be maxed out as well to reduce your losses when you get hit.

First Aid: Another important investment. This will turn a certain percentage of crews you lose in battle into wounded crews. This is a must have if you attack turfs a lot whether for resources or for kills.



All of the properties in this category are important to max out. When you are a beginner, you want to get that Gem Making Speedup to level 5 so that you can rob gems faster. The Check Consumption and Black Market Check Trading investments are good to invest in for the turf development event since they’re inexpensive & don’t take much time to finish but give you a lot of power.

The Other Equipment Properties are good to upgrade during the kill events since they are inexpensive but take a lot of time to upgrade. By upgrading them during the kill events, you’ll be able to keep your investment queues busy even if you don’t have a lot of resources.



The Mercenary investment is a new investment that was recently added in the game. The mercenaries give you some good rewards when you attack them. So, I would suggest getting Mercenary Level 3 as soon as possible. Close Combat, Special Training and Battle Tactic are all good properties to invest in if you want to get better rewards from mercenaries and kill them faster.

So, this was the entire investment guide. Hope this will help you decide which properties to invest in and which ones to not. If you want a guide to investments for your farm account make sure you check out my Farming Guide.


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