Magnetic lifter – What is it and what are its uses?

The magnetic lifter is used when you want to move something from one place to another, to change its position. It is a very easy and effective way to lift what you want to take anywhere.

Magnetic lifts are made from neodymium magnets. The main components are neodymium, iron and boron. Neodymium magnets are often called “rare earth magnets”. Its magnetic force is greater than ferrite magnets. The strength of a magnet is measured in “N degrees”.

They usually work without electricity and support more than 3000 kg of load. Its use is important to lift unstable, heavy, or dangerous objects, such as blocks, steel plates, and pipes, among others. Provides work efficiency and lowers lifting costs.

How do magnetic lifters work?

The magnetic lifter is a kind of industrial magnet, it consists of permanent magnetic materials, and it has high performance, and forms strong magnets. The magnetic force is produced through the rotation of the handle. The strong magnetic system makes a change that produces the suction or release of the held object.

The magnetism lifter has some main parts. It has a lifting ring to lift the object at the top. This gives way to a V-shaped slot, which correctly holds the equipment.

It is not a very large magnetic survey equipment, but it is quite resistant. It works to lift steel in warehouses and move work equipment such as moving machines or machined parts.

The loading elevator, being a tool created for lifting through magnetism, works mainly on ferromagnetic-type materials. For example, in the shipyards, they use it for welding and the parts factory in some loading yards.

The object presents attractive qualities, concerning its structure, which is light in use. It does not consume electricity, so its use is very feasible, safe, and reliable. This product helps greatly in the production of jobs and their conditions since it facilitates loading and unloading.

Many companies are beginning to innovate with them, due to their efficiency in production and savings. Shipbuilding companies are a good example of these institutions that apply magnets in the daily work of mold manufacturing and other industries, such as lifting magnets for steel plates.

Pacemaker manufacturers should avoid dealing with such charging magnets. It is also important to remove it from the field after “turning on” the permanent magnet. However, wearing safety helmets and shoes should be paramount.

What are the advantages of the Magnetic lifter?

  • Safety factors are high.
  • The force is 3 times greater, that is, the maximum force is better than the rated lifting force.
  • The product warranty is good. So it reduces the cost to the funds of the companies.
  • Both sides of the faucet are made of stainless steel, which is stronger, more durable, and more impact resistant.
  • The most widely used U-shaped bottom design. Suitable for lifting round steel objects and suitable special shapes.
  • Security in the mooring of pieces with all kinds of roughness.
  • Does not damage the surfaces of the parts to be moved.
  • Its activation and deactivation are extremely easy. You just have to operate the hand lever.
  • Easily hangs on a crane and transports it to the job site.
  • Optimizes crane capacity and upgrades handling improvements for small spaces.

What are the types of magnetic lifters?

To lift some steel objects, lifting magnets are usually used. There are 3 magnetic lifters: electro-lifting magnets, permanent lifting magnets, and electro-permanent lifting magnets. Some of these are more commonly used.

Magnetic lifters use an external force to short-circuit to achieve the purpose of sucking and discharging objects, especially steels. Lifting electromagnets use on-off mechanisms.

This type of magnetic mechanism is essential when handling iron blocks, both flat and cylindrical. As mechanical parts for punching molds and other kinds of steel materials.

The magnetic material it adopts becomes higher performance, so its small size makes the clamping force stronger while lighter. What causes the residual magnetism to be null.

The permanent magnet lifter switch is equipped with a safety button, which can be operated with one hand, very convenient and safe.

Electromagnetic Elevator

They are devices used to move steel materials. It is mainly composed of an electromagnet. It is very convenient to use, although it must be connected to electricity to work properly.

Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifters

It can lift round steel and steel plates without electricity. It is regularly used in lifting steel through facilities, making it easier to work on some parts.

It contains a connection point that controls the magnetic lift automatically, this is used to manage the directions of the magnetic magnet induction cable that produces the lift. As the lifter goes up and then down, the change of magnetic induction changes and demagnetizes, achieving the restoration of the magneto magnets.

Some presentations of the magnetic lifters in the market

Magnetic elevators: for the vertical manipulation of pieces

They are suitable for different situations, easy to operate, and quick and safe to load. They are the most practical, safe, and economical way of handling iron cargo. Vertically processes parts. Easily adaptable to pieces of different sizes.

Magnetic elevators: for handling large parts

They are suitable for various work situations, easy to operate, and quick and safe mounting of the load.

Magnetic lifters: compact, light, and powerful

They are suitable for various work situations, easy to operate, and quick and safe mounting of the load. Use on iron, flat, and round loads. Gear operation. No top load, deformation, or damage.

Magnetic elevators: for handling large parts

They are suitable for a wide range of operating situations, are easy to use, and connect the load quickly and safely.

Handling of large horizontal parts. Fixed rocker for manual lifts with 2 rings included for the adjustment system between axes. 5 preset positions for the distance between the hooks.