How To Maintain The Health Of Your Skin

While there is no way we can completely prevent our skin from sagging and getting wrinkly, that does not mean that we cannot take steps to slow down the premature aging process. With pollution in today’s environment, it has become difficult to maintain clear and healthy skin. However its not only the pollution which affects our skin. Stress and unnecessary tension also affects our skin in an adverse manner. To reverse the harmful effects of such stresses and pollution, your skin needs the right nutrients to fight off the damage. The nutrients help strengthen the skin, replicate new skin cells quickly and have more energy. Stress and pollution only causes your skin to age early. Start taking steps to protect and maintain your skin and help maintain clear, healthy and glowing skin.

Here are a few steps and precautions you can take to protect your skin before using medication like the Roaccutane treatment :

  • Start drinking a lot of water. As soon as your body is dehydrated, it starts taking a toll on your skin. Your skin starts looking dull and dry and flaky.
  • Start eating foods and fruits with antioxidants. Inflammation is the main cause of the formation of wrinkly skin. However eating fruits with antioxidants reduces inflammation, hence preventing wrinkle formation. Some of the foods which are loaded with anti oxidants are: blueberries, acai berries, pomegranates, spinach, goji berries, raspberries, purple grapes, organic green tea and even dark chocolate.
  • Moroccan bath is another great way to improve your skin health. It’s a traditional ritual that has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially in Dubai. With this special bath, you’ll be comfortably scrub by a trained professional for deep cleaning of your skin, which will improve your skin hydration and circulation. It also relieves muscle pain by loosening those tight knots in your muscles.
  • Eat natural and whole foods which can fight off free radicals. Eating processed foods causes further damage to your skin as well as body. Start incorporating a range of fruits and vegetables and foods with different levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Eating organic foods can further reduce the toxins in your body and the effects of those toxins on your skin.
  • Limit your time in the sun. Yes, summer is beautiful and everyone wants to get a tan. However, always limit your time in the skin. A little time in the sun is always beneficial but too much time in the sun can burn and damage your skin. Wear a good spf cream and proper sunglasses.
  • Use skin products with less toxins and chemicals. Always research the ingredients in the skin products you buy. Make sure they have mostly natural ingredients.
  • Have a plant in your home. Often times indoor pollution is higher than the pollution outside. The plants acts as a filter, cleaning the air and making the environment more healthy and breathable.
  • Consume loads of foods with Vitamin C . Vitamin C is known to increase collagen production by more than 4% and can help keep your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Avoid sugar. Not only is added or processed sugar harmful for your health and body, added sugar can kill the collagen in your skin. It can encourage the sagging of the skin and wrinkle production.
  • Get loads of sleep. When you sleep, that is the time for the skin rejuvenate and repair itself.

However if your skin is acne-prone due to genetics or hormonal problems, check out the Skin Clinic.

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