What is the best thing about owning a Jeep? A lot of owners would say that they love the ability of the Jeep to travel through paths that are less-traveled. There are a lot of off-road trails that are waiting to be explored but before you become too excited, there is something that you should know. The stock parts of Jeep may not be able to take certain off-road paths. You need to make some modifications so that your Jeep can be ready for off-road paths. You can consider getting Method Race wheels or other wheels that will be able to take rough roads more.


These are the things aside from tires that come with Pro Comp rims that you can consider so that your Jeep can be ready for some rock crawling:

  • Suspension

Your suspension should be lifted a bit so it will be a bit high from the ground. The higher the clearance, the safer it will be for your Jeep to traverse through different roads. Another great thing about this is that your Jeep will become more stable: you will have a smoother ride while riding your vehicle. To achieve this, you can buy Suspension lift kits.

  • Tool Box

There are times when you do not need to make some immediate modifications to your vehicle. Yet, you need the right tools that will help you make modifications if necessary. Let us say that you are in the middle of going through a rough road and your Jeep breaks down. The tool box will allow you to fix the problem in an easier manner. The toolbox should be composed of the things that you need.

  • Recovery Supplies

If you encounter some issues while you are driving off road, you need to have the right supplies that will help your vehicle recover immediately. The winch is actually considered a recovery item. It will help if you have a warm winch that can be used to tow your truck easily if you get stuck. You can also have tire deflators ready. There are some roads that can punch a hole through your tires if the air pressure is too high. Your tires should be a bit deflated in order to take certain roads easily.

  • Emergency Items

Let us say that your Jeep does not want to start or there is something wrong with it. You need to be comfortable until such time when the car shop would respond to your calls. This will be essential if you are in the middle of nowhere and you know that civilization is miles away. Food and water are already automatically placed as emergency items but you also need flashlight. This will help you see if in case you are still not rescued by night time.

  • Brakes

Are your brakes in good, working condition? You should check your brake line before you leave especially if you are going to climb mountains with the use of your Jeep. Brakes can save lives if used correctly.

With all of these things in mind, you will be ready for your very own off-road adventure.