Starting your business is a very exciting experience, and you will be learning a lot every step of the way. Nothing can top creating something out of scratch, this also includes overcoming the obstacles along the way. This might be a frustrating process as well when your main aim is to move forward but something keeps coming in your way. We have made a list of things every start up entrepreneur should know.


Getting funds

You need to be prepared of the fact that getting funds is not going to be an easy process. Start-ups in particular are considered very risky compared to other businesses. So any bank you go to will not be very willing to lend you money. And when it comes to grants for business, there aren’t many to begin with. You can do some research on funds for toronto startups to try your luck.


Don’t quit your job just yet

Keep in mind that there won’t be a steady flow of cash right away, so we would advise you to keep your day job till things pick up. For your monthly bills and personal expenses, at least you will have your job to fall back on for a while. This will also be good for your business, in case you run into something that you did not see coming, finance wise.



It is very crucial you plan everything before you actually do it. For things to happen smoothly and successfully, you need to plan accordingly and not jump into anything recklessly. You need to realize that your business in a sensitive place right now, and a wrong move can make it come crumbling down. Writing business plans is recommended so you have a rough idea of the things you have to do each step of the way.


Accepting that you will need help

We understand that a lot of the entrepreneurs in start up businesses are very motivated and ready to take on the world. But keep in mind that you are not superhuman, and even though you feel like you can take care of the whole business on your own now, spare yourself a little, and hire two to three people to take care of the administration part of the business such as bookkeeping, reception and managing the social media.


Become legitimate from the beginning

You need to be sure that that you make your business legal from the beginning. Register it everywhere from the municipality to your province. This is to avoid any kind of taxation and regulatory problems later on. You have to be sure of the business structure you choose for your start-up for insure purposes.

Starting a business from scratch is not an easy process, and will take a lot of investment of both time and mental and financial resources. It would be unfortunate to see it fail but if one takes all the necessary precautions you should be fine.