Manually and remotely spying on devices

Spying on a phone can be done in two to three different ways depending upon the level of information one wants to get. But before discussing about the text spy and other sort of spying areas and techniques one must understand that it is not legal to break in to someone’s private devices like smart phone and retrieve information out of it without the permission of the owner of the device.

However, some people have the right to spy. The officers from the crime investigation department, employers of an organisation and parents with teenagers are allowed to spy on phones on legal terms. There are various ways in which one can text spy on a device. Some of the most common ones are listed below-

  • Checking the phone manually- it is a very light level of spying where a phone can be checked for some minutes when the owner is away. Siblings somehow manage to know each other’s lock codes and patterns either due to the bond they share or due to constant peeking on the phone screen. This makes it easy to unlock the phone and read private chats and messages easily and then keep back the device in place. It is a very shallow level of spying because one cannot get the messages or information that has been deleted by the user.
  • Extracting data from sim card- every mobile phones works upon a sim card and in order to extract the sim card from the device one does not need to know any security codes or patters. A sim card reader fulfils the need of extracting information but the main challenge in this process is to take the device and take out the sim card, insert it in to the sim card reader and the connect it with the laptop to get information. The process is good if one wants to play safe because the user would never come to know of any such spying at all. The issues is, one would not be able to get the removed information or call logs in this process and every time one feels like spying, he or she will have to repeat the entire process again.
  • Using spy text apps- the spy text apps have been designed to spy on devices with ease. The main issue here is to install the app on a locked phone. One needs to break through the lock code and install the app and once it is done, text spy becomes easy. One can remotely access all the information that has been shared on the phone and one can also read deleted texts and files with ease. The only catch here is that even if the spy app stays hidden on the target device it can get deleted when the user resets the factory setting from the device. This is because spy apps intend to make the phone run slow and drains battery fast and hence there is a greater possibility that the user would reboot the phone.

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