Guess what in trend this 2019, Marijuana stocks. This market is blooming and is likely to grow $200 billion by 2020. With legalization of Marijuana, investment gates got opened for many investors. Since it’s the hottest trend, which might be too sensitive to handle?

So if you are interested in investing in stocks but not known of best way to kick start it, then we are here to clear your doubts of how to successfully start and handle marijuana stocks.

This article will guide in how to invest in marijuana stock, along with covering what to do and what not to, and some basics of marijuana industry and some of the best stocks to invest.


Basics about Marijuana Industry

Before investing in company, you should be well known with the product you will be dealing in future ie Marijuana stocks, learning about marijuana or cannabis

Marijuana or cannabis is a psychoactive compound in cannabis plant. It consists of THC and CBD where in THC is the psychoactive ingredient, which makes you high and CBD being non psychoactive, is used for curing ailments or chronic pain


How to successfully invest in marijuana stock:

This article will guide in how to invest in marijuana stock, along with covering what to do and what not to, and some basics of marijuana industry and risks involved. Also, some of the best marijuana stock to invest in.


While investing in cannabis stock, following are the points to keep in mind:

  1. Knowledge about the company

First of all, you should do a good research on company or companies, in whose stock you would be investing in. Also keep yourself updated with latest news about them in websites. Do not to forget to get the list of documents required by various agencies.

  1. How much to invest

Secondly, determine the amount you can invest keeping in mind one rule ie “not to invest more than enough in one single company”. Though you have done a good research about the company, but you are unsure of profitable returns because of volatile market. Stock market is quite risky and unpredictable

  1. Decide your pattern

This is basically, deciding when to buy and sell, setting some timeline that if the price of stock surges of falls, you’ll sell

  1. Select a broker

Next step is to pick a broker, as now you are almost ready to buy and sell. You can pick online broker as well as offline. Both the options will let you buys and sell after you get yourself registered

  1. When to buy stock:

Buy orders are of two types ie Market order and limit order. In market order, stock will be purchased on market price, while in limit order; it will be done when price falls than the set limit

  1. Selling the stock

If you have earned quite well, then you can sell them. Either you can reinvest or use that money. It will be your take.

  1. Keep checking websites and latest news

Various websites are there with lots of information, blogs, videos, chat rooms etc to keep you updated with the stock market.


Some of the marijuana stocks to buy are:

Constellation brands, which is also a beer company and now provides stocks to buy and sell. It has 38% ownership stake in big Canadian marijuana producer Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC).

 Innovative Industrial properties, A real estate investment, which is specialized in marijuana industry, provides us marijuana stock to buy

Kushco Holdings, one of topmost supplier of packaging solutions to US cannabis industry. It offers packaging products including vaporizer, tubes etc

Liberty Health sciences, produces medical marijuana and has its dispensaries in Florida. It is one of only 14 licensed producers in sunshine state and