Taking marriage counseling is not something you should be ashamed of. In fact, it is being practiced widely all over the globe, more as a prerequisite condition before two people tie the knot.

This isn’t just important before you start a relationship but couples of even years of being married. So there is no specific ‘anniversary limit’ to couple therapy.

Before we delve deeper into the topic, let’s talk about why we need marriage counseling.


Why do you need marriage counseling?

For those who are seeking premarital counseling, this could a be considered as a healthy start to your new relationship. Couples can get to know each other better and become familiar with each other’s attitude and examine all corners of their relationship. What you might not be able to voice out to your partner can easily be communicated to your marriage counselor. A marriage counselor could also work as an effective portal of communication between you and your partner to achieve a successful therapy.

Moreover, some married couples experience of not being clear about what they or their partner would want to talk about in the session. Or sometimes, amidst the rough phases of their marriage, they may have difficulties finding the right set of dialogues to reveal a fresh start. The more you are transparent about your concerns and relationship, the more you will be able to make out of the whole process.

For those of you still wondering about where they should look for marriage counselor, we strongly recommend you to go for Marriage Counseling Newport Beach.


Top online Marriage Counseling Programs

Although there is a variety of different marriage counseling programs, we have highlighted the most popular ones that are available online, for your ease.


1.     Couples Therapy Inc.

This service is best for long-time couples. No matter how long you have been together, differences do grow between couples over a period of time and for that one is always in need of something encompassing. Couples Therapy Inc. finds what your relationship is lacking and provides solution for that.

Just like most of the services, you and your spouse are presented with a questionnaire and the feedback is provided accordingly. Each of you are required to sit two hours with your therapist so that your therapist can scrutinize your mind better. Because it is more professional and sophisticated service, the appointments cost could range between $500 to $950.

There is also a facility called weekly couple retreats that offer a more dedicated experience for all couples.


2.     Give time to each other: Regain

No matter how hard you try to sail smooth through with your partner but if you are not spending enough time with each other, that might be a problem. The best way to get to know each other is to spend time with each other. A marriage counseling program called Regain can help you with that.

In this program, both you and your partner are presented with a questionnaire before you are referred to a therapist. In this questionnaire, you are asked to choose issues you want to talk about for examples, anger issues, intimacy issues, infidelity issues, adultery issues or separation and divorce issues.

This online program can be taken via live chats, video sessions and phone calls. Regain takes care of you by aligning the appointments equally with you and your partner so you both can achieve consistency which is crucial for the success of your relationship.


3.     Self-Growth

As mentioned before, marriage counseling does not limit itself to married couples only. Experts have attested to the fact that premarital counseling increases the chances of leading a successful married life.

Another great service which serves this purpose is called Self-Growth or Growing Self. This is exclusively for engaged couples or those who are in a relationship.

Both the partners are offered to choose the qualifications of your clinician. This is because each level of specialization has a different price. The best part about this program is that it has career clinicians with super affordable prices, income-based sliding scale rates and also, they are working in collaboration with some insurance companies.


4.     Talkspace

Next in line comes up Talkspace. For those who aren’t comfortable enough in having face-to-face conversation, or do not have time to drive to the clinic at fixed timings, you can always take help from Talkspace. This program offers various kind of therapy sessions including couple therapy. The process to register yourself is pretty easy. All you have to do is sign up by entering your information and then you are free to choose between therapists who can easily evaluate your information. People can choose their desired way of communication such as texts, video messaging and live chats etc. The best part about this program is that it gives you quick feedback and saves time!


5.     Lack of communications between couples

As the saying goes, communication is the key. Where relationships can add value and purpose to your life, sometimes when things start getting tense, it can threaten your mental and emotional stability. Therefore, it is important to put finger on the problem beforehand so you can work on them and restore your healthy relationship. If you know what lies at the core, it will be easier for you to fix it.

Poor communication originates from things like being dishonest, unable to voice out your concerns or understand each other’s feelings. As a result, people may bottle up their emotions which slowly transforms into frustration and vexation.

However, this can always be resolved through effective communication and the determination to recover your heathy relationship if both individuals decide to be forgiving and love each other.


All in all, in making the use of these programs and session, you increase the chances of having a healthy and balanced married life with your partner. The results will occur effortlessly and you will end up knowing each other better in the long run.

So stop worrying about your strained relationship and seek help from the experts today.