The Meaning Behind Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram is one of the coolest social media platform allowing us to share photos and videos with our peers in no time. With the time Instagram has incorporated several new features in it to facilitate the audience at their best level like the most popular Instagram Story feature. Everybody knows now where am I, what am I doing and they can access me in real-time. The best thing it goes off in the next 24 hours and you can easily see who has watched your story so, who stalks you most can easily be tracked. But do you know, you can do much more than this with the Instagram story feature which you should know.

These Instagram stories have a compelling impact on their audiences as in a matter of second you can convey all of your messages. Day-by-day the users of Instagram are just increasing so, can you imagine how many people can you cover and how wide can you message by conveyed.

Obviously, when Instagram stories are so important so, there would be necessarily any requirement for it as well. Like one should always take care of the Instagram story dimensions. The generic dimensions of the Instagram story are 1080px by 1920px. So, it means your videos and pictures should fall in 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels size. So, let’s dig in and have some discussion that it is so important to see the dimensions of the Instagram story and how does it impact our audience.


Why Instagram stories ‘dimensions are so important?

So, as we discussed above that the dimensions of the Instagram story should be 1080px by 1920px. Instagram is very particular about the size of their stories section because it is their belief if the story wouldn’t fall in that specific dimension so, it wouldn’t be able to attract a massive audience. People would have to zoom and magnify the image to see your message. Otherwise many of the times, the picture would be much bigger, and you won’t be able to see the complete note. It is a decrement in quality which shouldn’t happen.


So, how would you make an Instagram story?

Add any of the photo or video of your choice which you may have shot with the best -possible angles. Then use an online photo/video editor to add textures, shading, texts, backgrounds, etc. to it so, it can look more professional. Not only professional, but it would seem visually better. Many people do the trick by making Instagram stories on Snapchat. And it’s a great idea because you don’t have to worry about its professional look, features, and overall appearance in general then. Because of it so many more templates and customizable option through which you can easily make a professional yet good-looking Instagram story.


Some tips for Instagram Stories Dimensions

  • It would best if you post your Instagram stories strategically, not randomly because it is one of the best mediums to interact with your audience. So, your posts should make sense and continuation to grab their attentions. It should be simple and don’t contain complex messages. The more you post with the sense, the better the audience you get regarding promotion and marketing.
  • Long stories won’t make any sense, and it won’t be more beneficial to our brands. Like if you think how much can you put in just 15 seconds video? There should be a limited message with a defined number of texts and visuals. If any user follows your story so he or she shouldn’t get bored; these 15 minutes shouldn’t be wasted at all. Repetitive stories and texts are a major turn off in this whole scenario.
  • Don’t post too many stories in less time. Trust me it carries away your audience. It won’t do any good because too much marketing looks fake. It kills the attention of your audience by taking you non-serious due to the redundancy of posts. Less number of posts with call-to-action content is the best combination.
  • One of the next bad-thing about Instagram stories is when we add the irrelevant hashtags with them. It creates a spam-like effect and never helps in trending. No one likes it, and it is against of the content marketing strategies. There are certain ethics of using hashtags which should be followed otherwise it’s of no use.
  • Always add some call-to-action like content which can convey your brand’s message in seconds whether you are promoting anything or just playing around with your brand’s entity. Everything should be simple-looking and directive.
  • Here’s a pro to master in this domain that like if no sales or events are coming up then post any question where people can comment, and you get a chance to interact with them on a large scale. What can you do more is you can add the link to your social media profiles to it so people can connect with your more and have proper engagement with the audience.
  • Like we said that long stories are not a good way to make people engaged, but what can you do in this purpose. It’s just the Teasers which can help you in making your audience curious. It creates excitement and helps in making your audience curious for a longer time. People would come on your profile or page on and off to stalk that what’s going on.
  • Always make sure you are not posting the same previous content again and again instead of trying to keep a defined style, color, and font for your brand which can make your identity about your brand’s signature aspects.
  • To buy Instagram views, you can visit sites like Social grand, but it’s always a good idea to have authentic and real viewership. And for this reason and to create an environment of trust always ask them to post reviews and testimonials. This is one of the best aspects to make your audience aware about the brand keep them engage for a longer period.

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