Mechanical Keyboards or Regular Keyboards; Which One should You Go for?

Mechanical keyboards are getting popular these days due to new advancements and technology. Especially gamers who like to spend hours at computers prefer to use mechanical keyboards which deliver high performance as well as ease of use. On the other hand, regular keyboards though seem to be more manual but still a large section of the population likes to use regular keyboards as they call it more “adventurous”  using manual power.

Before we dive into the details of these two keyboards, let’s make ourselves familiar with the basic definition of a keyboard.

A keyboard and a mouse are two essential components of a computer. Apart from typing, a keyboard can do other functions using different keys. Modern keyboards originate from a typewriter which was developed around 1878.

A Mechanical Keyboard makes use of ordinary physical, actual switches under the keys to indicate when someone has pressed in a key. A regular keyboard has fairly different functions.

Comparison between the two

A mechanical keyboard uses a mechanical switch placed under every key to record every keystroke you make. The physical switch is triggered when you press the key before bouncing back to its former position.

An ordinary keyboard uses a rubber dome and membrane to allow for the recording as well as depression of the keyboard. It is relevantly cheaper than the mechanical keyboards.

When deciding which one to buy, it is important to take into account what they have to offer.



If you want the best for yourself, you probably look for keyboards that have a longer lifespan, especially if you are a regular user. Best 60 Mechanical keyboards are long lasting since they have built-in mechanical switches that are certified to be durable. They are resistant to constant keystrokes. That is because using metal contact points to withstand 50 million keypresses. Damaged or worn off rubber domes and sticky keys make regular keyboards deteriorate easily.


Ease of feel

One of the most crucial parts to look at in keyboards is the feel and key resistance. If you crave for the solid click of the mechanical keyboard, you might not like the soft and mushy press of a regular keyboard. The rubber dome underneath the keys of an ordinary keyboard offer nonlinear resistance to pressure, giving it a spongy feel. The solid click sound of a mechanical keyboard makes it more popular because people find it pleasurable.


N-Key rollover

N-Key rollover refers to simultaneous pressing of keys at one time to speed up the performance. This means that a mechanical keyboard offers a better experience for gamers who constantly need to keep their fingers over the keyboard. Therefore, it’s high performance makes it more popular in the digital gaming market.


Maintenance of mechanical and regular keyboards

Just like all other gadgets and devices, keyboards are prone to dust, dirt and spillage. They need to be kept clean and free of dust particles time to time. It is quite easy and undemanding to clean a mechanical keyboard because one can easily detach the self contained switches and flat plastic and once done with cleaning, he/she can easily reattach it back.

On the other hand, regular keyboards are highly susceptible to dirt and dust due to sticky rubber and thus, it requires a lot of time and patience to clean it properly.


Typing experience

The ease of typing on both keyboards is fairly easy and both have the same typing experience. The major thing which differs is the audible sound of the click generated by a mechanical keyboard. This makes sure that you don’t keep pressing the keyboard longer than it is necessary so people sitting in the same room do not get disturbed by constant clicking. While using an ordinary keyboard, your hands might get tired as you push the buttons with more force.

Mechanical keyboards allow you to to type more quickly and accurately as compared to a regular keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are durable, easy to use, easy to maintain, customizable and great at multi-key pressing. Although it is expensive and noisy, it can be used for a longer period of time.

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