Medical residencies consist of a paid training service, such as a full-time graduate program. It has scheduled and supervised activities, which aim to train professionals who are trained in the intra- and extra-hospital area.

The residents see the experience of this stage as necessary, since it enriches them despite the sacrifices they must sometimes make. In the time that the residences last, you acquire a professional competence that progressively drives you.

It demands a lot from you, such as levels of responsibility that you have never faced before. But all this, only in order to complete your training successfully.


Medical residences in the United States.

The United States healthcare system is considered one of the best and most responsible in the world. The American model doctor focuses his efforts on providing all his dedication to healthcare work, increasing his investigative side and improving the practice of the relationship between doctor and patient.

Accessing the system is extremely difficult, but not impossible. Today, many doctors embark on a path full of difficulties, but one that could provide endless opportunities for the contestants. A residence in the United States represents a unique and attractive experience.

Because doctors in training build their profession with hard work. And thus practice future medicine, in the places where they reside or where more doors are open to them.

Residency programs do not have a set number of activities to complete, but rather a large set of tasks to complete, which vary depending on the specialty you choose. They can perform external consultations, guards and can even be in the operating room. Achieving acceptance into your residency program in the United States will depend on how well the application you submit is.

The first step you need to consider is how the process works. It is necessary to know what the Electronic Residency Application Service and the National Program for the Location of Residents mean for your placement.

As a second step, you should know that the experience you have can increase the chances of acceptance in the programs. Any experience, even minimal, can make a difference in your application.

You must understand that for your application to be one of the most tempting options, you must combine qualifications, experiences and the necessary documents that can help you show that you are the perfect candidate.


To apply for a medical residence in the United States, you must take into account some things.

As a resident doctor you have a great opportunity to build a successful future. But everything is not so easy. To achieve this, you must be accepted into one of the residency programs. To do this, you must take into account some important points:

Practical experiences

If you are an IMG or apply based in the United States, presenting your practical experiences in Medicine can greatly influence your acceptance. There are experiences you can explore, one of them may be the Application Service for Visiting Students.

Application Service for Visiting Students

In this service it is necessary that you make a brief biographical sketch. This should include all the details that mention your previous experiences. It is also recommended to put information where you add some sentences that speak of a specific place, to help in your application.

Test rotations

These are interviews, which are carried out by the residency programs with a duration of a maximum trial month. In them you can learn more about the programs that interest you so far. You can start conversations with the directors of the programs, and demonstrate your potential. These same directors could give you a recommendation.

Recommendation letters

They are one of the most important parts of your residency application. These will show that you can be an eligible option for your professional job training. They will also show your strengths regarding the education you have so far. This is essential information for all residency programs to which you want to apply.


What is Residency Programs and why is it so popular?

Residency Programs, is a web page that lists all the residency programs to which you can apply. It helps you save time and money by creating a large list of opportunities, for more than 20 specialties. It also provides you with the following advantages:

Updated information

It gives you exact and precise information about the dates on which you publish your application in the program. It has frequently asked questions options, to provide you with specific information to help you when choosing one of the programs on the list.

Data from the Faculty of Medicine

Here you can find programs that match the data of people who want to apply after finishing medical school. Indicate results that resemble your personal information from medical schools, linking them to the programs that best suit you.

Save time on research

It is no longer necessary to waste hours and days, surfing the web, looking for a residency program that matches your professional desires. Because thanks to the lists provided by this server, you can find the options that make you feel most satisfied when applying.

Find IMG-compatible programs

On this website, you can also find many programs that are compatible with immigrants, and thus ensure that your application is considered correctly.

Spend money wisely

With all the advantages that this program offers you, you can know exactly which of the appropriate programs for your profile you are going to apply for. Which helps you save money on investigations or fake agents.