Few things have taken the slot gambling world by storm quite as powerfully as Big Time Gaming’s Megways game mechanic when it was launched not long ago. Revolutionizing the slot game, especially digitally, and bringing in a fresh new feel, the Megaways mechanic has truly left a lasting impact in the online gambling space as the new design has spread like wildfire from website to website and casino to casino.

Online casinos were already seeing huge increases in popularity and traffic in recent years. Given the extended periods of lockdown and social distancing across the globe, it was only a matter of time before that expansion went into an even higher gear. In fact, the popularity of online gambling has almost tripled in the UK alone during the coronavirus pandemic! Perhaps in no small part this is due to the great variation of unique takes that have been appearing on the Megaways game mechanic mentioned above.

The major innovation of the mechanic is to randomize the number of rows on each reel after every spin, so in games running with a regular six reels, this means that the amount of numbers that appear after every spin range from one on each reel to seven on each reel, meaning a total possible span of six to forty-two numbers may appear! This massive range means that every game feels fresh and exciting, and the spectacular number of possible numbers to appear means that there are thousands of combinations and different ways to win.

In fact, mathematically, the calculation is that there are 7^6, different ways to win – that’s the exponential seven to the power of six! We’ll save you reaching for your calculator and dusting off your maths skills – that’s a total of 117,649 different combinations! Of course with an insane variation possible on different symbols and various bonuses and effects that can be added in different instances of this design, it should be no surprise that its impact has been immediate and its popularity to likely be around for a long time! Some of these added variations include the possibility for spin purchases, mystery numbers and symbols worth huge bonuses and many, many, more.

Of course, one of the challenges now, given the massive popularity of the mechanic, is to navigate the many online sites offering gambling opportunities in which it is used. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites out there and more and more are appearing every day. Fortunately, there are aggregator sites available which curate lists of reliably fun and fresh Megaways slots. For example, at the expert slot review site Labslots you can find a list of the best Megaways slots.

As we head into the 2020s, online casinos are likely to continue to soar in popularity. So, it’s definitely bookmarking your favourite Megaways slots and online casinos, and keeping an eye out for continued innovation of both this mechanic as well as the many others likely to come as we move forwards into the bright future of online gambling!