It’s that time of the year again. Sweat dripping from our foreheads, the backs of our necks and our backs; clothes sticking to our bodies. Not wanting to move even a muscle because the heat is just too much to deal with. Why did God even create summers? Don’t we all just love winters more when we can cover our bodies and wear classy coats and cute sweaters? Contrary to popular belief, summers are not all that awful, as they appear to be.
While summers everywhere come with an excruciating amount of heat and frustration, they also come with the chance to dress in a more carefree manner. Here is a list of men’s T-shirts for summer which will help them sport different styles this year:


  • Crew necks:
    We’ve all heard of these. Being the most common style in T-shirts in the market right now, there is not a man alive that hasn’t sported a crew neck at least once in his life. It is distinguished by a circular, round neckline that fits comfortably around the neck in a sung manner. These look the best on men with narrow faces and wide shoulders and create a well-rounded silhouette. Best thing about crew necks? They’re timeless.
  • The Scoop-Neck Style:
    Scoop-necked styled T-shirts are an alternative of the above-mentioned crew necks. The difference is that instead of the neckline being extremely sung around the neck, it hangs a few inches below the collarbone, in a more relaxed manner. Scoop-neck styled shirts look best on men with prominent collarbones and strong facial structures.
  • Sleeveless Tees:
    These shirts are a haven in summer. No one likes sweating excessively and when you wear such lightweight material on your chest, especially that which has no sleeves to cover up your arms and pits, it makes it harder to sweat. These shirts can be sported by anyone with toned, flexible arms and obviously make the ladies swoon.
  • Polo Shirts:
    Usually worn by teenagers in the 50s and golfers now, these shirts have proven to be timeless. The best thing about these shirts is that with the appearance of the collar, the buttons and the crisp sleeves, they can appear as casual wear and formal wear, both at the same time – so you are almost never over or under dressed. With a custom t shirt for men, you’re always safe!
  • V-Necks:
    The good ol’ V-neck styled shirts. Though slightly mocked when they first made an appearance, these babies are now appreciated everywhere because well, who doesn’t love a good V-neck? These shirts can be sported by men with broader chests, wide shoulders and noteworthy collarbones. It usually provides men with rounder faces with a slimmer look.
  • Button-ups & Button-downs:
    Just like the polo shirts, these shirts can appear as casual wear and formalwear too! Available in a variety of colors, some half-sleeved, some with three-quarter sleeves, some full-sleeved, there’s no stopping with button-downs. Some have pockets, all have cute buttons attached. These shirts can be good for men with rounder bodies, providing them with a slimmer fit. You can never go wrong with a button-down!


So, what are you waiting for? It’s summer! You won’t get another chance to sport these trendy babies next year, with the way fashion is rapidly evolving. Get out there, go to your local H&M and other stores and spend that paycheck on all these wonderful shirts to have a remarkable summer!