Metra Group is a relatively new company, but despite its young age, it managed to become one of the leaders of its field. Agriculture and farm equipment produced by Metra meets the highest quality criteria and combines affordability with innovation. The company is among the most prominent equipment suppliers for small and medium-sized farms. Thanks to its affiliations and partnerships both in Europe and the U.S., the production costs are lower than anywhere else which gives Metra a strong competitive edge.

Metra grain cleaners are remarkably cost-efficient and are capable of reducing expenses and saving money. There are several different reasons for that. First of all, they have extremely low maintenance requirements. As a general case, they require no service at all. There is no need to replace the screen, it does not even require cleaning. There are no detachable or moving parts that may bring additional complications. In other words, these machines are very easy in maintenance. Metra cleaners are very versatile and support all kinds of grain.

All color sorters produced by Metra have a rather high production rate, compared to other models. While it can start with 200 bushels per hour, at its peak it reaches 8000 bushels per hour. These color sorting machines are not only powerful, but also versatile. They process all kinds of grain, big and small. It doesn’t matter if there are impurities present in the grain. Metra cleaners get rid of them all, cleaning them out thoroughly.

Many grain cleaners are known to damage the grains, considering their sheer volume and fickle constituency. This is not the case with Metra, thanks to its smarter approach. A dynamic cleaning mechanism brings no damage to the grain, retaining its purity and constitution.

The grain can be separated into different categories. This functionality is provided by Metra by default. It allows for better returns and makes it possible to extract the maximum value out of each grain category. Even if there is defective grain, Metra machines still can process and separate it. All impurities are classified separately, without mixing everything together. The machines can even recognize different fungus types.

Thanks to its efficiency and low costs, a single Metra color sorter can replace several other machines with similar functionality.

Metra Group is open to inquiries. One can contact it at tel 1 800 272 2045 or by leaving a message using a submission form on the official website.