Minecraft Super Duper 4K Pack: The Special Pack For Your Game’s Graphics Fix


Everybody seems to be talking about the Minecraft Super Duper 4K Pack. From its release date to its price, the talks are abuzz but while some of the things being said about the pack might be true, others might just be speculations.


So far, what we have on the pack is the list of features it will come with, it’s pricing and finally, it’s release date.


The features of the pack include 6-7 main features that will all target enhancing the feel and look of the game. Aside from that, map in Minecraft will reportedly sell the pack for somewhere between $10 – $20 which also isn’t bad at all. It is also being speculated that the pack will be released somewhere next year.


The main thing that the new pack will be targeting of course, are the graphics of the game. Those who are talking about the update are saying clearly that the most evident changes the pack will bring will be to the face of the game and the graphics etc.


As far as the list of features related to the game are concerned, the new pack will feature the following:


Volumetric Lighting

Enhancing the lighting and bringing forth volumetric lighting, Minecraft’s new pack will bring this feature to the game and this will improve the overall feel of the game. Period lighting and at the right place might enhance the graphics of the game dearly.


Improved Water Textures/Reflective Surfaces

It is also being said that the pack will also improve the water textures of the game and feature reflective surfaces. There isn’t an angle that will look poor now in the game because these issues will be fixed with the update.


Reflective Textures/Highlights

Other enhancement for the products in the game and the features/graphics will include reflective textures and highlights that will improve the overall feel of the game again. You are definitely going to feel you are playing something sound and solid after the game because all the issues will be by and large fixed with the update.


Dynamic Shadows

Dynamic shadows are again going to be a feature of the new pack. The new pack is said to improve dynamic shadows, feature them in the first place and improve the look of the objects enhanced with edge highlighting.


3D Models

Finally, if reports are true, then the 3D models for the objects that were just flat textures or objects before, are now going to get a facelift and these are going to look like proper, full fledged models that make the game look something solid and worth while.


The forthcoming Super Duper 4K feature for Minecraft is reportedly going to be launched next year. Previously, there were talks about the feature coming forth in 2017 but now; reports suggest that the feature will be launched next year. That isn’t too bad since half of 2018 has already passed but we hope there are no further delays in its launch.


For players who are hungry for the SDGP release, there is an alternative that can give you incredible graphics for minecraft, it’s called Shaders Mods, a mod that works on adding reflection and shadows, they can be downloaded totally free.

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