Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy with the aim of reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, via SMS, e-mail, websites, social media, and apps. Mobile marketing offers customers or prospective customers using smartphones with personalized, time and location sensitive information.

Mobile marketing involves the ads that appear on mobile smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. Mobile marketing ad styles and formats will vary, as different websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps offer their own tweaked mobile ad options.


Why is mobile marketing so important?

Mobile marketing is disrupting the way people interact with brands.

Your business needs a mobile marketing strategy for the same reason that you need access to a computer and Wi-Fi. If you walk down the street you’ll find more than just a few folks completely focused on their smartphone screens. According to some reports, internet users spent 40% of their time on mobile devices.

Some other interesting mobile marketing statistics include:

  • A majority of mobile device time is spent on apps, with game apps eating up the largest percent of app time
  • People browse more web pages on tablets than smartphones
  • Although PC conversion rates still remain the highest, the retail conversion rates on tablets are higher than on smartphones,
  • Most internet users own a smartphone.

Mobile marketing strategies

There are many different types of mobile marketing strategies being employed by businesses today. Some of them include the following:

Mobile search ads: These are basic Google search ads built for mobile.

Mobile image ads: are usually designed to appear on mobile devices.

SMS: SMS marketing involves getting the phone numbers of user’s and sending them offers via SMS Notifications for example.

App-based marketing:

This is mobile advertising which involves the use of mobile apps. Services like Google AdMob also help advertisers create mobile ads that appear within third-party mobile apps.

Facebook also lets advertisers to create ads that seamlessly integrated into Facebook’s mobile app.


In-game mobile marketing:

In-game mobile marketing is ads that appear in mobile video games. In-game ads can appear as pop-up banners, full-page image ads or video ads that suddenly appear between loading screens.

QR codes: QR codes are scanned by users, and then they are taken to a specific webpage that the QR code is attached to.

Location-based marketing:

These are ads that appear on mobile devices based on the location of the user. For example, some advertisers may only want their mobile ads to appear when users are around the vicinity of their business.

That said having information about internet browsers is not enough you need a mobile marketing app that will enable you to effectively target customers and get more conversion.