Mold is not an issue in residences with appropriate ventilation and protection from moisture. Despite the fact that all residential properties possess mold, it will not replicate out of control on its own. There is usually some event that triggers abnormal growth. Our experts are all certified in mold inspection, testing and remediation. Our inspection prioritizes identifying viewable indications of mold, staining, moisture and drainage in the house and crawlspace, assessing the humidity levels and building component moisture to figure out the origin and degree of any mold issues.


Symptoms of Mold

Mold may not be instantly noticeable in your house or residential or commercial property, but if you discover any of the following hints, it is a good idea to phone a professional immediately to evaluate for the existence of mold:

  1. Warped flooring
  2. Foul or odd odors
  3. Cracked drywall
  4. Increase allergy symptoms

Despite the fact that you have not observed any one of the prevalent signs of mold above, you could still have a mold issue. Don’t give mold an opportunity. Employ a specialist to pinpoint any mold that appears at home and discover any humidity problems that can be the source of current or future mold.


Why Use a Mold Expert?

It is necessary to have a professional mold specialist to identify the cause and type of mold that is flourishing in your home to figure out the most suitable way to remove the issue. If experts are not able to determine the source of mold, then it can continue to come back, inducing further damage to your residence or residential or commercial property and affecting your wellness. Similarly, if the mold isn’t treated adequately– for example, if you just try to bleach the mold– it may redevelop and will constantly create problems. Various kinds of mold demand various approaches for removal. It is necessary to partner with a licensed expert to make sure the mold is carefully eliminated.


Is It Dangerous Mold or Black Mold? Should you panic?

In Austin, Texas mold assessment consultants licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation deliver mold inspection services to determine and evaluate possible health risks from mold contamination in residential and commercial properties.

Mold Inspection Services consist of a thorough assessment (using Infrared Thermal Imaging, Laser Particle Counts, Visual Observations) and subsequent testing (air samples, volume, swabs and glass slides), along with a comprehensive report.

In addition, environmental consultants will be collaborating with a nationally accredited lab, committed to the creation of precise data, via high quality equipment and personnel with professionals specialized in this area.


Mold Inspection Services mold consultants provide:

  1. Visual inspection for indications of mold development and moisture damage
  2. Moisture levels and severity are investigated
  3. Smell the atmosphere and building materials for musty or earthy odors
  4. Minimally invasive Boroscope inspections for concealed issues
  5. Performs quantitative air quality testing


From the moment the mold testing company arrives, they are checking out your residence for “mold hot spots”. Most Mold Inspectors use assessment instruments such as infrared cameras and moisture meters to properly spot areas in which mold could develop. These tools have turned into the scientific standard for keeping track of, spotting and regulating moisture.

Black mold professionals will examine all elements of your home/building in order to diagnose the problem and offer a long-term remedy.

Our inspections include the assessment of COOLING AND HEATING components, windows, roofing, building components and many other specific locations throughout our visit to your house. Furthermore, we survey the history of your building and account for additional factors, such as the number of occupants, to ensure that nothing is missed.


If you experience unique odors or suspect that your place may have a mold, mildew, or fungus problem, our mold professionals will determine you one way or the other. Our test analysis might be ready in 3 days.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important priority as buildings are made increasingly air tight to save power. Low air flow, dust, pollen and volatile substances from time to time promote health issues.

Bad odors could be extremely upsetting and be the outcome of numerous causes. Most mold consultants can perform IAQ evaluations.


Indoor Air Quality programs include:


Mold identification

Mold testing

Air quality testing

Detailed reporting

Preparation of mold remediation protocols

Mold clearance testing


Furthermore, qualified mold inspectors have a wide variety of state-of-the-art tools at our disposal, including:

Moisture Meters

Video Cameras

Infrared Thermal Imaging Devices

Leading edge mold inspection tools

They can look for moisture damage using above devices. This consists of roof leaks, ice dams, Dry-Vit siding, and wet basements. Oftentimes, we can perform moisture analyses while limiting damage.

Indoor Air Quality specialists offer fast service and can usually supply initial mold evaluation results within 3 days after testing.


If you have mold concerns in Austin, Texas please contact:

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