Monitoring employees happens to be one of the most important operations to be carried out at the workplace. With massive data breaches taking place and hackers gaining access to sensitive information, no one can deny the significance of surveillance and monitoring. It is not important but essential for the business security in order to keep a track of how the organizational resources are being used by the employees.

The American Management Association carried out a study which revealed that 80% of the big companies do employee monitoring. They monitor emails, internet and phone usage of the employees. As per the study, it was largely financial institutions and industries that took up an extremely vigilant approach regarding their employees’ activities. Till a few years back, checking emails, tapping corporate phones and video surveillance were the popular norm but now, it’s been replaced with monitoring employees’ computers, emails, social media, as well as their smartphones. There is nothing ambiguous about the fact that when you are using company-provided phones, they are being monitored with the help of cell phone spying apps and WhatsApp spying apps. They are company-owned properties after all. Therefore, technically, employers do have the right to monitor how these phones are used by the employees.


WhatsApp at Workplace – The Possible Problems:

WhatsApp is the popular instant messaging app that amassed a whopping 1.5 billion users worldwide as per a January 2018 survey. The use of WhatsApp has replaced the good-old text messaging and employers have also found this messaging app to be more useful. Quite a number of companies have made a WhatsApp Group that make it easier to communicate with the different departments. This way, important information can be transferred to the relevant people only and the entire staff is not bombarded with messages and important announcements.

But apart from the communicating role it plays, employers also happen to be concerned about the potential risks of using WhatsApp as witnessed in the Jefferies case last year, where confidential information was leaked through WhatsApp. Moreover, WhatsApp allows the employees to message discreetly which could lead to problems in the future where employees might be subjected to harassment, bullying, or abusive treatment. Due to these kind of issues, a number of ugly problems could rear their heads for the employer.

The Possible Solution for Employers:

So what can employers do? Yes, having a sensible policy in place could turn out to be really useful but a clear guideline could also be given to the employees regarding WhatsApp use. In order to curb the inappropriate use of WhatsApp at the workplace, employers have started to use smart WhatsApp spying app so that they can keep a tab on the conversations that take place on the instant messaging app.

Xnspy is one of the best WhatsApp spying apps out there which has given a smart solution to the employers regarding employee monitoring troubles. It allows them to monitor WhatsApp chats and the media shared via this app. Xnspy is not only a WhatsApp spying app; rather, it is a complete monitoring solution for the employers. Xnspy lets you monitor text messages, calls, emails, social media activity, locations, and websites visited by the target phone user. As it is common for companies to provide their employees with smartphones, employers can install the app on the devices. It is a rather simple process. With thousands of messages being sent daily, it becomes difficult to filter the messages you actually would be interested in as an employer. By adding certain words and locations in the ‘Watchlist’ of the app, employers could get alerts immediately that allows them to know right away if an employee is involved in something suspicious. The Watchlist feature also helps an employer from sifting through hundreds of messages as well.

Apart from being one of the best WhatsApp spying apps, Xnspy also lets the employers see how the employees utilize their time at workplace. Employees tend to misuse the company resources and therefore by installing a monitoring app, employers can also get to know the kind of content employees are accessing on the internet and the websites they are visiting. It is extremely important to keep a check on these activities as it is through these activities, the scammers and hackers are able to somehow gain information about a company. One could say that it is a complete spy of its own. It runs hidden in the background and is undetectable too. So all the employers who find it a hassle to monitor could benefit from Xnspy WhatsApp spying app.

Employers should also keep in mind that they should carry out ethical monitoring practices. Even if they are monitoring the cellphones, they should monitor the activities and conversations that are directly related to the company and are business related. Monitoring should be carried out for the business security and safety purposes only. Employees, on the other hand, should be careful when they use the company-owned devices. Exhibiting responsible and careful behavior from both the sides is extremely important to make the whole operation of monitoring a success.