Most Expensive OSRS Skills To Level 99

Who wouldn’t want to get level 99 skills on their OSRS accounts Whether you’re a RuneScape beginner or have been playing OSRS for a few years, a level 99 skill is an offer you wouldn’t mind taking if it was presented to you.

However, the only way that’s possible is if you’re going to buy an OSRS account that already has level 99 skills. If you don’t have the budget to do so, then your only choice is to endure the grind and be patient enough until you hit level 99 of your desired RuneScape skills.

Now, if you’re planning to sell your account in the future to make money from RuneScape, then you should focus on these expensive OSRS skills. These are skills that you would need a ton of OSRS gold to level up.

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Top 5 Most Expensive OSRS Skills

5. Crafting

If you need to obtain high-level armour or jewellery, then OSRS Crafting is the skill you should focus on. It allows you to craft valuable items that you can sell in the Grand Exchange for profit.

It’s possible to train Crafting on a budget but that will take time. If you want to get to level 99 Crafting fast, the best thing you can do is acquire OSRS gold to get you going.

When you’re at level 20 to 54, the quickest way to train this skill is by cutting gems. It provides a high Experience per hour but it can be expensive since Diamonds and Dragonstones are too valuable to acquire.

This OSRS skill will take you about 20 hours to train to level 99 and cost you about 1.8 Million OSRS GP per hour.

4. Farming

Farming is another expensive OSRS skill because it requires you to grow crops and harvest them as items. Much like Crafting, Farming can be trained cheaply but it will take long for you to reach your desired levels.

If you want to get to level 99 Farming fast, you need to plant bagged plants that are more expensive than starting with just seeds.

You can also do some tree runs to get more Farming experience but that can only be done once or twice a day since it’s quite costly to do.

Training farming to level 99 will cost you about 800,000 GP per hour and might take you anywhere between 30 hours to 3 months to complete.

3. Herblore

Herblore allows you to make potions from herbs that you can use during combat or when you do some quests.

This skill becomes expensive because you’re required to buy ingredients that you can use to make potions. This will cost a lot of OSRS gold depending on the type of potion that you’re trying to make. Now, if you’d like to reach level 99 Herblore, you must focus on making potions that offer the most experience per hour, for that you have to spend a good amount of money.

Herblore will take you about 42 to 50 hours to complete and will require you to spend more or less 2.7 million OSRS gold per hour.

2. Construction

One of the most difficult OSRS skill to train, Construction allows you to build your own house and furniture. To train this skill fast, you need to buy or acquire a lot of planks. These will cost you money since you’ll be asked to buy mahogany, which is the fastest way to level 99 Construction.

Making mahogany tables will earn you high Construction experience per hour and if done correctly, you can earn anywhere between 600,000 to 900,000 experience per hour.

Similar to the real world, mahogany wood can be expensive so you have to invest in growing your OSRS gold cache to reach level 99 Construction fast.
Training this skill can set you back about 182 million gold just to reach level 99 in more or less 22 hours of playing time.

1. Prayer

The most expensive skill in Old School RuneScape is Prayer. It is a very useful skill especially when you need to use protection prayers on your missions.

To train this skill, you need to acquire bones. These are expensive and you’ll be needing a lot of them. It’s safe to say, you won’t reach level 99 Prayer fast if you don’t buy the bones you’ll be needing.

Training Prayer to level 99 can set you back by at least 210 million OSRS gold and will require 12 hours of your time just to train it.