Motivation tips: how to be active in the cold winter months

Winter is a reason for many of us to put aside running shoes and bicycles for a few months. Cold, wet and dark – this is an excuse for many to spend time on the couch, watching their favourite series and eating chips. But especially now, despite the existing conditions, we should think about movement and positive self-talk. Regular exercise such as walking, running or cycling not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps to combat depression on days without the sun. Outdoor sport produces serotonin, the “happiness hormone” and stimulates circulation. Here are 6 tips on how to be active in winter.


Morning gymnastics

When it’s dark for most of the day, it’s very difficult to wake up and start the day effectively. So instead of pouring large amounts of coffee into yourself, start the morning with stretching and a few warm-up exercises. Jumping jacks or squats will improve circulation and tear you out of sleep. They will also have a good influence on your mood. It only takes 10-15 minutes after getting up from bed to feel better every day.


Little trip

Going out of town does not have to be connected with taking a holiday and standing in traffic jams. If you can’t or don’t want to go for a hiking trip, take a long walk on Saturday or Sunday, with your loved ones in the surrounding forests, hills or other places, which you have in the neighbourhood. The whole day spent in the fresh air (or at least fresher than in the city) will certainly not hurt you.



Organized activity under the supervision of an instructor, who squeezes sweat from all over the group, is good entertainment and a great thing for your body.

Very effective method is also to hire personal trainer. Those who use the help of their own professional fitness trainer can no longer simply avoid training. In addition, he or she helps to create an effective training plan. However, this is not the only field in which personal trainers operate. Personal trainer can also help with their advanced knowledge when it comes to nutritional advice. The individually coordinated combination of training and nutrition ensure better results in weight reduction in the long term.



This is not the cheapest sport in the list, but it is second to none, both in terms of effort, concentration and the development of motor skills. If you think that tennis provides a good pace of play, it seems that you have never been able to watch a squash match. It’s also a good integration solution – couples, friends, parent and child. It provides great, but exhausting fun.

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