Methylsulfonylmethane, usually known by the name ‘MSM’, is a famous dietary supplement which is used for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. MSM powder is a sulfur-containing compound which is naturally found in animals, plants and humans too. Besides that, it can even be created in the labs to produce the dietary supplements of MSM powder in glass bottles or capsule form.

MSM is popularly used in the filed of alternative medicine as well as by people who are searching for a natural idea to decrease inflammation, relieve joint pain and enhance immunity. Additionally, research also supports its use in curing numerous conditions from rosacea to arthritis.

Benefits of MSM Powder:

Following are the 5 science-backed benefits of MSM powder:

1.     Enhances Complexion and Skin Health:

MSM is important for the production of collagen. Floppy skin, wrinkles and cracked, dry skin are all produced because of a loss of collagen. MSM works along with Vitamin C so as to form healthy, new tissues. It can also regulate collagen production and fundamentally enhance skin health.

2.     Enhances Flexibility:

Research has proved that MSM is very effective in enhancing the joint flexibility.  In addition to that, it can also help in the production of flexible muscle tissue and skin. This results in a general increase in flexibility because of the renewal of the “juiciness” of tissues.

3.     Detoxification of the Body:

Among the most significant characteristics of MSM is that it can easily make your body cells more penetrable. This simply means that this product helps allow the metabolic waste materials and toxins to easily be stirred out of the cells, while the hydration and vital nutrients can easily be moved in. This is a calcium phosphate dissolver; therefore it has an amazing capacity to dissolve the bad calcium which is the root cause of deteriorating diseases.

4.     Strengthening of Nails and Hair:

Keratins as well as collagen are both rather important for the generation of healthy nails and hair. MSM is an effective “beauty mineral” which offers the sulfur which is required or the production of keratin and collagen.  It is also known to contribute greatly to the exceptional thickness and strength of the hair and nails, which can be observed in a time period of as little as just a few weeks of regular use.

5.     Acceleration of Healing Processes:

Many byproducts as well as lactic acid are known to be the cause of soreness and pain in the body. MSM powder can enhance the body’s ability to eradicate all the waste products at a cellular level. This does however, speed up the recovery and healing processes of the damaged tissues and can free up a greater amount of energy for reconstruction.


Some minor studies have revealed that MSM powder can be useful for the treatment of various different kinds of medical conditions. It is usually safe to take at normal doses of about 3g a day.

MSM might prove to be helpful for people who are searching for a natural substitute for post-exercise discomfort, arthritis pain, rosacea or seasonal allergies. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, children or people with health issues must consult their doctor before taking MSM. It might not be recommended or safe for such people.