Who doesn’t like playing pool? That cue sport attracts people from all ages, sizes, abilities, and strengths. It could be played in a casual form for amateurs just for entertainment but could also be on a professional level. This game requires a mental agility and a physical adeptness. But is playing it at home and owning its own pool table affordable for everyone ? Let me have your attention pool lovers, this article is for you!!!

Prices of pool tables vary ;depending on the used materials, the design or the slate thickness; from 500$ to 15.000$.

Actually 4 types of pool tables do exist:
The toy tables cost from 500$ to 1200$. They are usually made from cheap materials, poor-quality slate or wood which make them with a short lifespan (usually between three and five years).These tables are often used for children to play with.

The second type is the basic tables. These tables are designed for houses. They are more sophisticated and reliable which make them more high-priced (from 1200$ to 2000$).
These tables last longer but normally do need a refurbishing after the 7th or the 8th year.
The third type is the mid-range tables, the most fancy ones. They are dedicated to the avid players and the ones who take things seriously. These tables range from 2.000$ to 3.500$ because they are generally manufactured by high quality materials and the best wood to make hardwood railings and strong legs. They come in a variety of styles and are generally make-to-order and unique pieces that the client chooses to match the interior of his house or office…
Of course, they should last for a very long time; it’s a lifetime investment after all.
Last but not least , the custom tables are the most expensive of all times. They are made of exotic woods, rare materials and semi-precious gems. They are considered as antique items sold in the luxurious flea markets or in public auctions.

A custom pool table could easily cost 15.000$ so it’s considered as a multi-lifetime investment that would last many years.
Buying a new table would offer you a new one that comes with the playing tools and everything you need. Generally a free installation is offered by the seller. So, if you could afford this go this route. If not, determine the viability of the rails on the used tables that you certainly will have to re-clothe and re-rail it. Try to opt for hight-quality and soft rails (they are the best) if not you will have to re-rail your table every 5 years.

Also try to enquire as much as possible from the seller the name of the original manufacture and the name of rubber rails.

Now that you know the different types of pool tables, choose the one that suits your needs and your budget. On https://pingpongpassion.com/best-pool-table for example you would find what you want starting from pool tables, to accessories and even some playing tips for beginners.
To finish with, gaming tables especially pool provide endless enjoyment and are perfect for Sundays in family or for friends . From the1500s, they continue to be a source of amusement and pleasure for everyone. You should shop for the Pool Table that is moderately priced depending on your budget and your status as you get what you pay for the shop for the best and not exorbitantly priced. With all the guided tips on the best Table , you have no excuse go for the best and no regrets.


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